Review: Cowboy Proud by Stacy Finz

When Angela Dalton comes home to Dry Creek Ranch after a long absence, she’s carrying weighty emotional baggage. Charmed by a handsome face, she inadvertently bank-rolled members of a violent militia group, all of whom now want her dead for working with the authorities. Leaving witness protection for the ranch is a risk until she can figure out where to take her life next—and the good-looking cowboy who lives across the creek from her cabin is an inconvenient distraction. She can’t trust her heart to anyone again, even a gruffly sweet man like Tuff Garrison . . .

Tuff doesn’t get involved—with anyone. It’s been his guiding principle since leaving home alone at fifteen to find his own way in the world. But the haunted look on Angela’s gorgeous face is impossible for him to ignore—and the heat of their attraction has become ablaze. When a set of dangerous men track her down, they’ll have to rely on each other to escape the threat—and take a chance that trusting each other will be worth a lifetime of love…
If you've been reading this series then you have been waiting for this book. I was so happy to finally get to visit with Angela. Throughout the series, her family has been worried about her. We really needed to know what happened to her. So finally we have our answers. 

I so loved Angela. She's so sweet and full of guilt. I won't ruin her story by telling you it I'll wait for you to read it yourself. Believe me when I say it will be worth it. Because of what happened when she was away she is very nervous around both her family and strangers and really has to learn to calm down. You understand why she felt that way and really felt for her. I enjoy her reunion with her brother. He worked so hard to find out what happened to her and worried so much. 

Right away you know that she'll need a special man in her life. One that is tough enough to protect and strong enough to know that she has to do some things on her own. One to stand beside her. 

Tuff is just that man. Even if he doesn't know it yet. 

I really liked Tuff. He's such a good guy that doesn't give himself enough credit. I get that his home life before he left wasn't the best but at times I thought he used that as an excuse to get people away. He needed to learn that he was worth more. 

As these two work on resolving their pasts and moving forward with their futures, you'll be reading a wonderful story. I'm always so glad to be reading a story by Stacy Finz. Her books are so easy to read and you'll love the characters. Do any of you read her?


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