Review: The Christmas Village by Annie Rains

Lucy Hannigan has inherited her mother's bulldog, Bella, and her childhood home, the only pink house on Gingerbread Lane. With the holidays coming up, the pressure is on to decorate the house for the annual lights competition and maintain her parent's winning streak. But Lucy already has her hands full as a midwife and a new landlord-to her ex-fiance.

When Miles Bruno is suddenly asked to move out of his rental home, he's grateful to Lucy for taking him on as a tenant. But their broken-off engagement doesn't make it easy to live next door. Sparks still fly between them, and he'd give anything to get back in Lucy's good graces. But to do that will take much more than just tree trimming and house decorating and contest-winning. Will one wildly grand romantic gesture on Christmas Eve finally soften her heart?
There is nothing I like better than reading Christmas stories. I know Halloween hasn't yet hit but sadly for reviewers, it's our time for Christmas stories. 

Here we are back in Somerset Lake. I really enjoyed the first book in the series and had high hopes for this one. I'm pleased to say that it landed just where I hoped it would. The Christmas Village is a wonderful story of second chances and letting go of the past. 

I very much liked both Lucy and Miles and felt they belong together. They might not see it all the time but they work together. They are so busy fighting their own demons that they can't see how lucky they are to have this second chance. 

Because they are both a little bull-headed they dismiss what could be the first problem. You are going to want to shake them. Happily, they figure it out and work things out. As they work things out they work very hard to try and win the Christmas decorating contest in Lucy's neighborhood. I love this idea as someone who loves decorating for the holidays inside and out. 

I don't blame Lucy for not wanting to give up her family home. She was raised there and has so many memories. Plus, it's a great house and who wouldn't want to live there? Sadly like Miles, she lives in the past a lot. She has trouble getting over the end of her relationship with Miles but let be real, they were kids. Yes, it still hurt but it's time to move on. 

You'll love how much Miles cares about the people in Somerset Lake. He works so hard on helping them. He pulls those feelings he had as a child and uses them to understand where others are coming from. Unfortunately, that also means he lives in his past too much. He has trouble seeing a future because of it. 

These two both have their issues but nothing that can't be worked out with just talking to each other. I think you'll really enjoy this addition to the Somerset Lake series. I'm looking forward to more books in the series. Anyone read her?


  1. I don't read alot of Holiday stories.

  2. oh yeah I hear you. If you are a ARC reviewer, this is the time for it haha But I love it I just don't have the mood for Christmas romance in October, once I get into November as our colder weather hits then I start to get more in the mood. This is an author I have been wanting to read but just haven't gotten around to yet.

    1. I like when it's cooler too. We have been having unseasonable warm here so...She an easy to read author that I think you'll enjoy.


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