Review: The Inn on Sweetbriar Lane by Jeannie Chin

June Wu always has it all together—only now, she’s in over her head. Her family’s inn desperately needs guests, her mother’s medical debts are piling up, and the surly, if sexy, stranger next door is driving away the customers she has left! When he asks for June’s help, though, she can’t say no. After all, his new bar could be just what the upcoming Pumpkin Festival needs to bring in more tourists. But with the fierce attraction between them, will working together be playing with fire?

Ex-soldier Clay Hawthorne prefers being on his own. He’s moved to Blue Cedar Falls for one reason—to carry out his best friend’s dream of opening a bar in the hometown he’ll now never return to. But the town’s business association is trying to stop Clay’s progress. June soon becomes his biggest supporter, and while their partnership is supposed to be only temporary, for the first time Clay wants something permanent—with June. Can two total opposites really learn to meet each other in the middle?
I always love trying new me authors. Sadly I don't always love them but then I remember that someone out there will and I move to the next. When I do move on sometimes I find an author that I really like and writes the way that works for me. Thanks for what happened with this story. When I saw the cover I knew I'd have to try it. You guys know me and small-town romances. I love them. 

Right off the bat this one drew me in and kept me there. I liked June right away and saw a bit of myself in her. She comes off very controlling but really wants to do whatever she can to help those around her that she cares about. Sometimes though she takes over where she really should just support. Yes, that's a problem but only a small one. 

Now Clay isn't what I'd call welcoming. He's kinda a jerk, but a jerk I sort of like. Crazy right. He was so rude to June when they first meet and then has to go to her for help and say he's sorry. Poor Clay. The man has a ton of guilt laying on her shoulders and at times it makes him act small and unlikeable. I want I liked about him is his growth throughout the book. He starts off a little unlikeable but grows into a person you'd call a friend. 

These two don't have it easy. Both their personalities are not easy ones. They really have to work at being together sometimes and that's fine, life is all about work. I liked how the author didn't make them both just perfect for each other without having some tension. 

This is a wonderful story that makes me look forward to the next one in the series. It's a great start to a new series. I'm so glad I tried her book. Is this one on anyone's book-buying list?


  1. Its always the best when you try a new author and it ends up being such a good experience for you.

    1. I totally agree. I'm glad to be adding a new author to my auto buy list.


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