Review: Their Rancher Protector by Sasha Summers

Skylar Davis is grateful to have the dog her husband nursed back to health on his last deployment. But the struggling widow can barely keep her three daughters fed, much less a hungry canine. Kyle Mitchell’s soldier’s instincts won’t leave them behind—they’ll all come live at his ranch. Her husband was his best friend, after all. And Skylar? He’ll give her the love she deserves…if she’ll forgive him when his secrets are exposed.
I enjoyed the first book in the series so much that when I picked this one up I couldn't wait to read it. I ended up reading it one evening. I just couldn't put it down until I finished it. There is so much I loved about this story. The characters are so great. You really get to meet the people from the town. I now want all their stories too. 

I was so glad that when Kyle showed up and saw how bad it was for Sklar he did something. Yes, he did it for his best friend and Sklar's late husband, but he also did it because he's just a sweet guy. The life she and her kids are living isn't a good one and they don't deserve it. Shows you that sometimes it's family you can't trust and a stranger you can. 

You'll so enjoy Sklyer and her girls. They are so fun to be with. They are sweet and nice. I love how they just enjoy being with Kyle. 

Poor Kyle is haunted by the loss of his friend and feels survivor's guilt. He also needs to deal with family crap and on top of all that he's taken charge how helping his friend's widow and their kids. 

I'm so happy that these two came together they are perfect for each other and both really need love and happiness. I was happy to see whats going on with Hayden and Lizzie along with Weston. Plus more town people. I want so many new stories. Totally enjoyable


  1. Oh man that sounds so good. I love stories like this. Sometimes you really can rely on strangers more than family and that's just sad.


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