Review: The Rancher's Forever Family

Sergeant Hayden Mitchell’s mission: give every canine veteran the perfect forever home. But when it comes to Sierra, a sweet Labrador, Hayden isn’t sure Lizzie Vega fits the bill. Her PTSD and city lifestyle raise concerns, even as her vulnerability—and gorgeous eyes—draws him closer. When a storm leaves her stranded at his ranch, the hardened ex-military man wonders if Lizzie is the perfect match for Sierra…and him…
I will admit that I don't read categories anymore, or I should say I read them less than I used to. There was a time that I read them all the time. I'm glad that I gave this series a chance. I've read Sasha Summers before so I already knew I liked her and this sounded so good. 

Turns out it is. I forgot how easy it is to read a category. I started The Rancher's Forever Family and ran through it. 

I loved this story. It's not a new idea but it's so well done that I didn't mind. I really enjoyed the characters and had fun with them. Hayden is a hard-working daddy that loves his son and it shows. You can see how much family means to him and how the past has affected this family. As sweet as Hayden is with this son he's kind of a grumpy man. Some of that has to do with his life, other is his own making. 

I felt for Lizzie and all she's been through. I don't think I could handle things as well as she has. She's dealing with what life has thrown on her as well as she can. When she goes to Hayden for help he isn't the nicest right away. It isn't long before Lizzie is stuck with Hayden and his family due to a bad storm. 

You'll love how she falls for both Hayden and his cute son. She also puts fear on the back burner to protect his son. Poor Hayden at first doesn't see what a wonderful woman he has right in front of him. Happily, he wakes up in time.

If you enjoy sweet romances then you'll love this one. I'm looking forward to more in this series. Any of you read her?


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