Review: The Cafe Between Pumpkin & Pie by Kate Angell, Stacy Finz & Marina Adair

Before, after, and even during the excitement of the annual Halloween parade, gathering at the Corner Café is a beloved Moonbright tradition. Costumed revelers of all kinds come for the famous whoopie pies, the heartfelt hospitality, and the chance to hear the town's spookiest stories and local legends whispered to the younger generation...

The most magically romantic legend of all promises that a Moonbright woman will marry the man she sees reflected in a mirror on Halloween. For three such singles, the crunch of fall leaves and the fragrance of fresh-baked pie sets the perfect stage for this most tantalizing trick--and most delightful treat--the genuine enchantment of true love.
I have been really enjoying this series. Each fall we get a new one. Something to look forward to bring in the cooler weather. 

I read all three stories and have to say I enjoyed them. Each story is standalone but has a touch of the other in it. Not enough to interfere with the story but enough to tie them together. The cafe is mentioned in the stories. 

So up first is Love or Easy by Kate Angell, I really enjoyed this one it starts out strong and keeps going. I really enjoyed both characters and felt they worked. Her being so shy and totally not what you'd think he'd go for adds to the story. add a bitchy sister and her cute kids and you have a story. I liked that he didn't like the sister enough to stay but would for her. A solid 4 stars.

After that, we have Love Rising by Stacy Finz. Another one that I really enjoyed. I found it to be easy to read and at times a little heartbreaking. Her losing her grandmother is very sad to me. I really felt for her. She had so much on her table and at times you wondered if he'd be able to be there for her and then they show you how much they really care for each other. So glad I read this one. It's another 4 stars

Last of the bunch is Romance of Tap by Marina Adair. I will admit that this one wasn't my favorite of the three. I'm not sure if it was the characters or the writing. She's not an author I read often so that might be it. I had trouble connecting to the main characters and at times thought...who cares! Not something you want in a romance. I'm sorry to say I can only give it 2 stars. I'm sure others will love it. 

The first two stories make it well worth reading and enjoying. As a whole, it's a good book with at least two great stories. 


  1. That really sounds great. I haven't read this author before and like finding new authors to read.

  2. aww these sound just perfect to read for the upcoming holidays in the fall!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these.


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