Review: Bayou Beauty by Lexi Blake

Sylvie Martine was prepared to take Washington D.C. by storm, but she put that dream on hold when her beloved hometown of Papillon, Louisiana, needed her most. Now Sylvie's the mayor of the tiny town on the bayou that holds her heart. But for Sylvie, this can only be a pit stop on the way to bigger and better things. The last thing she needs is an old love to resurface and threaten her goals.

Rene Darois's whole life has been about serving his family--no matter how much it hurts. He's used to sacrificing for his large extended family and the company his grandfather created. But he can't believe the latest demand: he needs to find a wife and quick or he could lose it all. It would be a horrible situation. But he has just the solution: his high school sweetheart. Sylvie is everything he wants in a wife--smart, funny, and caring--and he planned to woo her anyway.

Now he just has to convince Sylvie that their love is worth it all, or he and the bayou will lose her forever.
I really enjoyed this story. Like the ones, prior to it, you'll find it well-written and so well put together. I liked the prior books in the series but I think this one is my favorite of the series. I know I say that often but what can I say, I like reading romances. 

Admittedly the storyline isn't anything new. Girl marries boy to keep his family off his back and to prove he's a family man. The part I found refreshing is the fact that these two really love each other. They won't admit it and try to act like it's all about his family but we know. 

It was so sweet how these two interact. You see how they feel about each other in a million different ways. I want to share them with you but it will ruin the story to do so. At times they try so hard to do what's best for the other that you want to scream at them that they want the same thing. 

It's cute to see how Sylvie is as the mayor. She handles the town well. I really love her brother and hope we get his book. He cracks me up. Wanting rich relatives because he's an artist is funny. You'll laugh too when you read it. 

You'll really enjoy Rene too. He works so hard for his ungrateful, entitled family. His one cousin is the worse. You want to hit someone. They treat him pretty badly. How he doesn't have a nervous breakdown I have no clue. The funny part is that I didn't remember Rene at the beginning of this book. In fact, he didn't come to me until it was mentioned about his being hit by the car. It didn't stop me from still enjoying the story I was just shocked I kinda forgot him. 

As I've said you'll enjoy these two together. I ton of things happen within the story that will keep you reading and wanting more. Have you read her? 


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