Review: Holding On by Stacy Finz

One divorce, one mind-blowing kiss with a stranger (code name: Matthew McConaughey), and one year later, Joey Nix desperately needs to find a job in Nugget. It's the only chance she'll have of sharing custody of her sweet little daughter with her soon-to-be remarried, renowned surgeon ex-husband. Luckily, Joey's qualified to work as an in-home caregiver. Coincidentally, a job offer comes from the aforementioned unforgettably sexy stranger (real name: Ryder Knight). It's a terrible, irresistible idea . . .

Ryder needs help with his ailing, depressed mother, and darn if Joey isn't the best candidate. Good thing he'll be sleeping in his camper because their chemistry is still crackling. Besides, the loss of his wife and unborn child five years earlier have left Ryder squarely focused on his trucking company—and even that's on shaky ground. Still, Joey knows how to lift his mom's spirits. And his too—despite a troubling secret she's shared with him. But when she asks him to accompany her to her ex's wedding, Ryder “I don't do weddings" Knight will have to do a lot of soul searching. What he discovers just might surprise them both . . .
There is a couple of things that an author can do in their books that really excite me. One is where you have a character from prior books and you don't really like them and then they get their own book and you have to learn all about them in a whole different way. Another is when you like a character in a prior book but they piss you off in the next book you read. 

Happily for me, both happened in this book. It ended up being an emotional rollercoaster ride for me. 

Loved it!

I'm sure after all that you guys want to know what's going on. In the prior book, you meet both Joey and Ryder. I have to say that I really didn't care for Joey in the Choosing You. Most of that was about what she did and her inner thoughts. She really didn't do anything terrible to put you off other than what happened to end her marriage. 

In this one, I saw her from let's say the other side and I learn a thing or two. For her daughter's sake, she really changed her life and has learned to think a bit differently. She made some horrible decisions before and paid for them dearly. It took a long hard road for her to pull herself out of the mess she got herself into. I'm happy that she stuck with all she had to do to make things better for herself and her daughter. I'm also happy that she moved her whole life to another town just for that daughter. Shows how much she really loved her. 

Right away you know Ryder is a good guy. What takes a bit to learn is that he carries a burden in his heart that is stopping him from moving on in life. He takes a bit to realize what he wants in life and that it's okay for him to love and move on but once he does, the sky is the limit. 

One of the things that I really loved is how he stood for Joey and wouldn't let anyone say a harsh thing about her around him. He gets so mad at times that he almost overreacts. That might not always be the best but it's for a good reason. I also like how much he loves his mom and takes care of her. He's a really good guy. 

Now for the other thing, I mentioned above about how I could go from liking characters to not. That happened in the book with Ethan and Brynn. I loved them in their book but they got on my nerves in this one. I felt just like Ryder and wanted to slap them. Mostly Ethan. 

This is why I love reading series. You never lose touch with the characters and sometimes you even get to see have a breakout of warts. But seeing them in a different light makes for better characters. We all have flaws, no one is perfect and it's good for us to see that with the characters/series we love. 

Not to worry you will be so happy by the end of the book. All of it comes together and everyone is off to have a happy life. Sadly not me since this is going to be the last book in the series, or is it? Fingers crossed someone pounds on her creative mind-door. So, any of you read her? Make sure to do her series in order. The books are way better that way and so worth it. 


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