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Clearing Off the Book Shelves
An author whose books you are +2 behind on
Read any new to your author
Any series you are +2 behind on
Start a new series
Read a book you’ve had for six months or less
Read a book you’ve had for over a year
Read a book you’ve had for over five years
Read a book you keep meaning to read

Anything Goes
Just Because
Double Dip
Recommended by
Second Chance previous read author
Try again (a book you one gave up on)
I really tried, but…

Cover you don’t like
Mismatch (the cover doesn’t fit the book)
Trifecta (cover title & book theme =perfection)
Single Person
Body Parts (head only, torso only, etc )

Today's challenge is:
Just Because from Readers Choice
For six torturous years, Omega Rachel Fields did what she could to protect her packmates from the evil Riverson werewolves. She endured living side-by-side with the men who murdered her uncle and seized his pack — all while raising her orphaned nephew as her own son. Now that their reign of terror is over, Rachel is determined to live life on her own terms. Screw joining another pack! And she doesn’t give a rat’s hiney who it pisses off.

Gavin Blackwood has one job: Redistribute the survivors of the Riversons to healthy packs. There’s only one problem — and she just happens to be the old pack’s sexy-as-sin Omega, not to mention the most stubborn she-wolf he’s ever met. Oh, and if his wolf’s sniffer is right, his mate!

Even though he’s an Enforcer, Gavin knows brute force won’t change Rachel’s mind. As eager as he is to get her curves into his bed, he’ll have to tread carefully to convince her that she and her young ward would be safer on Blackwood lands. But will they be? Someone from her past has other ideas.
I love almost anything with Celia Kyle's name on it. I understand she didn't write this alone but it's the reason I gave it a try. I'm a huge fan of these short story series. I just love them. Of course, I only love them when they are written well. No worries, these are. One of the main reasons I like them is I can read a full series within a weekend. Or close to depending on how many books are in the series. 

Another is the fact that I can try a new author and see how I feel. But of course, the main thing is how well they are written. This is written well. 

I very much liked Rachel and how she is tired of being pushed around and is done with it all. She wants to take charge of her own life and be her own boss. Sadly life rarely gives us what we want. Sometimes, it gives us just what we need. 

Gavin just wants to get in do as his brother asked of him and go home. Poor poor Gavin. That didn't happen. Instead, he finds his mate, and everything is changed from there. He's torn between doing as his alpha has instructed him to do and pleasing the woman he needs more than life. 

I think that's one of the reasons I like paranormals so much. You can have that love at first sight and know it really will work and last. 

These two together are so good. It might be a short story but I really felt like I got to know them well. I very much enjoyed their story and was happy to read it. I'd say though to read the series in order because they all flow better that way. You can get them done in no time. Very easy to read. Any of you read them?

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