Review: The Last Carolina Sister by Michelle Major

Meredith Ventner knows a wounded creature when she sees one. Though her temporary new neighbor may be—on the surface at least—a successful, drop-dead gorgeous doctor, she recognizes the deep hurt Ryan Sorensen is carrying, and its catnip to her soul. But even though Meredith is the youngest, scrappiest and single-est of Magnolia’s most famous sisters, she’s committed to expanding the animal shelter on her newly inherited farm. She can’t waste her energy on a man who’s only passing through town.

Ryan is hoping that after a month of small-town living he’ll be healed enough to return to his busy ER. His injured leg isn’t half as painful as his guilt from the tragedy he’s trying to forget. Yet somehow, helping feisty, tenderhearted Meredith care for her menagerie is making him question his career-first priorities. Here in this quirky small town another future is coming into view, but can he change his life, and open his heart, to claim it?
I was really looking forward to this last book is the Magnolis Sisters series. You meet Meredith in the first book but don't really get to know her. She's kinda a mixed bag type of person. She's sweet and snarky at the same time. You never know which Meredith you'll get. I understand why she is the way she is but even with understanding why at times she's tiring.  

I think the reason Meredith is the way she is has to do with both her past and present. You really need to read the story to understand what I mean. I don't want to get too much away also. Even with her switching back from happy to not I really like her. She might be a complicated person but she's also a loving daughter, sister, and friend. Plus, anyone that is that good to animals has to be a good person. 

My favorite is Ryan. I really think he's a great guy who has tried hard to be a good person. I know he hides part of himself but understands why. I'm sure he has so many people that just want from him. 

You'll love these two together because he likes her snark and deals with it well. They just work well together. I was happy how Meredith dealt with her family on both sides and really stood for herself and finally worked out the emotions from her past. 

It was the perfect way to end this series and I am looking forward to the next one. It's called The Carolina Girls. I would mention that it's best to read this series in order. It just works better that way. You really get to know the sisters that way. Have any of you read her?


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