Review: The Last Warrior by Jennifer Ashley

Ben, the last of a warrior race destroyed by the Fae, has lived a thousand years in exile and now has found a place among the Shifters. He’s the caretaker of a sentient house outside New Orleans, and the Shifters turn to him when they’re in dire trouble. Even so, Ben is aware of his aloneness, his people gone forever.

Rianne, daughter of the powerful Lady Aisling, is in a jam. She’s pursued by an ambitious and ruthless Fae lord--marriage to her will help him become emperor. Rianne sees only one escape, to flee her home for the world of humans and Shifters.

But for that, she’ll need a guide and a protector.

Ben just happens to be handy, using his skills to help other enemies of the Fae. Lady Aisling asks him for the favor of his life—to take Rianne to a Shiftertown and look out for her, even if it means putting him in the most danger he’s faced since his final battle with the Fae.

Rianne is reluctant to trust her fate to the unknown Ben, but she soon finds the human world, the Shifters, and most of all Ben, have captured her fascination, and possibly her heart.
I was so thrilled when it was finally Ben's time to have his own book. For me, this is totally Ben's book with Rianne who happens to be in it. Now don't get me wrong, I really like Rianne, it's just that it's...Ben. He's one of those characters that you need to know more about. 

Throughout the series, Ben's been one of those characters that stuck out from the rest. Just when you think you got a handle on him you find out you're wrong. I love when that happens. 

Ben is one of those characters that would need the perfect person to be his mate. He's a loving wonderful man that deserves love. In his book, we find so many surprises. Things we didn't' know about him at all. He didn't even know some. 

This is an action-packed story from start to end. The pacing is wonderful, I felt like I couldn't put the book down in case I missed something. Don't you just like when that happens in a book. 

Not only was Ben a great character so is Rianne. I know I pushed her aside earlier in the review but in all reality, I really did like her. She's so sweet and caring. Perfect for Ben who needs someone who's strong and loving. She'd die for him. 

You can see what a great match these two are, as you read the books. Not only at the kickass so are the people that care for them. I loved visiting with the past characters that make this series so good. I hope we'll have so many more books in the series. I do believe I heard angels being mentioned. That would be different. Have any of you read her?


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