Review: Choosing You by Stacy Finz

Picturesque Nugget, California, couldn’t be more different than the glittering caverns of Manhattan, but Brynn Barnes is grateful for the change. After the accident that took her husband’s life and seriously injured her young son Henry’s legs, a clinical trial from a pioneering young doctor offers Brynn hope that Henry may walk again. And even as the magnificent landscape and the town’s hospitality help mend Brynn’s broken spirit, it’s a certain handsome surgeon’s compassion that soothes her aching heart...

Reeling after a bitter divorce, Ethan Daniels has brought his medical practice and his young daughter to Nugget, where he hopes its homey warmth will ease the transition to a family of two. A new relationship is the last thing he should be thinking about. But Ethan can’t help his immediate attraction to beautiful Brynn — or the feelings she’s awakening in him. For two people battered by life’s cruelest blows, love may be the perfect prescription...
I am so happy that we are back in Nugget. I read this series back to back right after my first Christmas without my mom. I needed something easy and well written enough to keep my attention and this series worked. I read it at the same time as my niece so it meant even more to me to have that connection. 

It also made me a huge fan of Stacy Finz. I now read everything she writes. I just love her books. 

Like so many of her other books, this one is a little heartbreaking. Finz is so good at pulling the heartstrings. I felt so bad for Brynn and her son. It broke my heart for her. I really felt like I was going through it all with her and held my breath at times. I so badly wanted everything to turn out okay for her son. 

Ethan is a great guy who truly loves those around him. He works hard on taking care of those that need him. You won't be able to not fall in love with him a little yourself. 

These two don't have an easy road to romance. They have so much going against them. I understood why at times Ethan worried. He has an unhappy ex that could have at any time gotten him in trouble but didn't She's a little nicer than you think. 

This is a very enjoyable story that you'll really love reading. Since it's been a while since we've been in Nugget the author does a great job of bringing you back but for first-time readers introducing you to this new town. I always like starting a series by the first book and suggest that always. But, if you want to try this one and read it and get a feeling for the series that would work too. After you fall in love go back and read it all in order. 

For all the Nugget fans you are going to be so happy to be back. For those new to Nugget jump on and enjoy the ride! Any of you read her?


  1. That sounds great. I love finding an author or series of books that I can read and just escape real life for a while when it gets hard.


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