Review: Alien Zookeeper's Abduction by Zara Zenia & Juno Wells

Jewel is a tomboy who was eventually discharged from the military because she struggled to get along with others and couldn’t adjust to the military's restricted lifestyle.

After a scandal that disrupted the social order back home, Kay is banished to a zoological research vessel, where he acts as Curator. He struggles to prove himself, trying to earn his place in the order again so that he can end his exile and return to his normal life.

But when it turns out that Jewel was abducted from home and placed in an alien zoo, with Kay as the only other being around, she questions his intentions. He didn’t know that her species was an intelligent life form, and he tries to learn more about her.

She needs to learn to get along with her alien captor if she wants to enjoy her freedom outside of a cage. He said he would help her, and she believed him so much that she questioned her feelings for an alien.

But will Jewel get what she wants in her new life? What do Kay’s people really want to do to her and the rest of the humans on Earth?
I read this one a while ago and only now have gotten around to reviewing it. Not sure why I didn't read more books in the series I might have to do that soon. I will admit that this was not the best book I read but I still enjoyed it. 

I really liked the idea of the story and how the hero and heroine came together. It was easy for either of them to give, even a little. Both a pretty pigheaded at times. But because of that, you knew that these two needed each other. 

The idea of Kay's world-destroying ours because of Jewel's temper is a little scary and crazy. Sadly you can kinda believe it. I do like how they work that out. Kay sticks with her when it comes down to it and that's what you want in a hero.

As a whole, this is a good story that I enjoyed. It's one of those stories that you can read in an afternoon. Have any of you read these authors?


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