Review: Sealed with a Kiss by Melinda Curtis

For Kimmy Easley, showing up at her ex’s wedding without a date is unacceptable. She’s got to find someone — and fast — because she can’t face going alone. Convincing her childhood friend Booker Belmonte to go with her is easy but that starts the spread of gossip through Sunshine Valley quicker than wildfire. Kimmy has never thought of Booker as anything more than a friend, so it’s funny how she never noticed how nicely he fills out a tux…

Booker could never say no to Kimmy — he’s had a secret crush on her for years. Accompanying her to the wedding is a no-brainer, not getting his hopes up that it might lead to more than friendship is going to be more difficult. But now that the matchmaking widows club has set their sights on Booker and Kimmy, will they be next to walk down the aisle?
I'm always happy when an author adds a quick novella into their series. It's a great way of letting us visit with our favorite people in between the mass-market books. It's also a great way to get a sample of the authors writing and their series. 

I have to say that I really liked both Kimmy and Booker. They are both great series but unfortunately, poor Booker has his secrets. 

It's those secrets that will break poor Kimmy's heart. I felt for both of them. If you forget about the secret for a minute and think about them you realize how great they are together They just work. Because they really like each other their relationship is almost perfect. I enjoy what they brought to the series.

Eventually, the secret comes out and breaks Kimmy's heat but you realize that Booker didn't mean to hurt her ever. He could have handled everything much better. They do work it all out and they have a great HEA. I'm so glad that I read this one. It doesn't add a ton to the series but you'll enjoy it nonetheless. Any of you read her?


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