Review: Roman Will Fall by Cynthia Eden

She can’t work with him.

They’ve been partners for less than a week, and Roman Smith (if that even was his real last name!) is already driving Harper Crane absolutely insane. His list of faults is a mile long. Roman is secretive, controlling, and far too sexy. Okay, the sexiness doesn’t matter. It can’t matter. What matters is that Roman never listens to orders, he is far too quiet and intense, and Harper is pretty sure that he is up to some seriously shady side business.

He isn’t supposed to want his new training partner.

Roman has spent his life in the darkness. He is far too well acquainted with evil, and working at Wilde? Well, joining the security and protection firm is supposed to be the first step to turning things around in his world. The first step to becoming someone new. But some habits are hard to shake. And Roman knows that his way too beautiful trainer, Harper, is already suspicious of him. Yeah, so…she is right to be suspicious. Until recently, he has been the bad guy in the story. His list of past deeds could give anyone nightmares. Too bad he only wants to give Harper sweet dreams.

Trouble has followed Roman.

Roman has some unfinished business from his past—in the form of deadly enemies—who have tracked him. And now those enemies have gotten the wrong idea about Harper. (Probably because Roman couldn’t keep his hands off her on a case.) They think she is Roman’s lover. They think they can use her in order to get to him. They are about to make the worst mistake of their lives.

When Roman’s enemies kidnap Harper, he drops the good guy role.

Roman races to rescue her—and they are thrown together in close confines. Intimately close. In order to fight the enemies closing in, Harper and Roman have to trust each other. They have to work together. Stay together. Except the longer they are together, the more Roman realizes just how much he wants the fiery Harper. And soon…Roman can’t imagine his life without her.

Can a reformed bad guy get a chance at happily ever after? Maybe. If things get Wilde enough…
I always look forward to a new book in Eden's Wilde Ways series. Anyone who has been reading it knows how wonderful each of these stories are. She has a wonderful way of taking a mysterious hero and showing us his heart. 

Up this time is Roman's story. You met him in the prior book. He comes off as a very unhappy, angry person who has no issues killing those he deems to have wronged him. Thankfully he has a conscience, or I should say a willingness to listen when pushed. 

I really liked Roman and felt for him. He had it really hard as a kid and life never got any better. Even when he tries to do the right thing he learns that his family doesn't make it that easy. 

You'll really like him though. He's strong, willing, and just really a behind the scenes type of great guy. I cheered him on for most of the story. I wanted him to be happy. Right away you can see how much he cares for Harper. He's very protective of her even when she doesn't want it or needs it. 

Love Harper, she cracked me up so much in this book. The way she is a straight arrow yet can't stop talking. Those things just seem funny to me. She has control yet doesn't. The perfect match for Roman who has way too much control and needs to live a little.  

It takes these two a bit of time to work it all out but they do. You want them to be happy and together and it seems like at times that wasn't' going to happen but in the end, it all worked out. I loved visiting with Dex. He just cracks me up. One of her best characters. I'm now looking forward to Anthony's book which is come soon. So, any of you read her? 


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