Review: Riding High by Stacy Finz

A financial whiz with her own advice show, Gia Treadwell is passionate about helping people maximize their potential. But when her boyfriend—make that ex-boyfriend—steals millions with an epic Ponzi scheme, Gia is promptly run out of town. It’s the perfect opportunity to revisit an old dream—one that apparently involves naked cowboys . . .

Flynn Barlow didn’t expect anyone to walk in on him showering at the empty ranch where his family’s cattle have always grazed. Even more surprising, the new ranch owner plans to turn it into a residential training program for women who need a hand up. A smart, gorgeous woman with a worthy cause? In Flynn’s experience, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Sharing the ranch doesn’t mean Flynn and Gia have to get along, but riding together isn’t the problem. It’s the scorching chemistry they can’t ignore. And if they figure out a way to add trust to the mix, they’ll soon be sharing more than just a ranch.
I am trying very hard to get the few books in the series that I haven't yet reviewed so when the newest book comes out I will be ready for it. 

I really like Flynn. He's a very straight-arrow type of person. Which worked perfectly with his past employment. He's a great hero, the type you wish for. He's the type of hero that has to help someone in need. Even before he's sure they need it. 

Gia is a great character that got the short end. You really feel for her and all she's been through. She's being blamed for something that's not her fault at all. 

Flynn might not be at first 100% sure if she's being honest or not but he's there to protect her. These two don't rush into a full out relationship right away. They take their time learning about each other. I liked that about them. It's not like they aren't hot for each other, just that they are cautious. 

This is the perfect addition to the series and I'm happy that I took the time to read it. Any of you read her?



  1. I haven't read this author but this sounds good.

  2. I enjoyed your review here and I do love seeing a couple learn each other. Sounds like a keeper and hope you get a chance to catch up on the series


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