Review: Reunited on Dragonfly Lane by Annie Rains

Boutique owner Sophie Daniels certainly isn't looking to adopt a dog the day veterinarian Chase Lewis convinces her to take in Comet. A rambunctious puppy with a broken leg may not be the best choice for a first-time pet owner. And house calls from the handsome doctor—her high school sweetheart who's just moved back to Sweetwater Springs—may not be the best choice for her heart either.

Chase has come home to help his nephew but finds that he's forgotten just how much he enjoys small-town life. However, sooner or later, he's going to have to face the past and his unresolved feelings for Sophie. Now that Comet needs both their help, Chase is going to let the four-legged matchmaker work his canine magic. Then Chase will prove to Sophie that first love is even better the second time around.
I have to start off by saying that I hate when a series ends. It's like saying goodbye to old friends. Here's my dilemma,  I also love starting new series by my favorite authors. I guess we'll have to go on the ride for this new series and I'm pretty sure we'll love it just as my as we did Sweetwater Springs. 

This review isn't as easy to write as most of my others. I was very conflicted with this story. I both loved it with moments of "really", and can we move on, please. I hate when that happens with an author that I really love reading. Now that doesn't mean I didn't' enjoy the story because I did. It just means at times I wasn't always happy with it. 

Confusing aren't I? I'll try to explain. Let me start off with that I loved Chase and think he's a really great guy who at times is too good for Sophie. His only crime in this whole book is being young when it all started. I know, I'm not really explaining it but I want you to read it for yourself and judge how you feel about it all. 

Now, I think you're getting what I'm putting down that Sophie isn't my favorite heroine. What can I say it happens sometimes. I didn't dislike her but I did feel like all her issues were of her own making. She caused it and took it out on others and still does in a passive-aggressive way. She did something stupid, which we all do but she blames poor Chase who had nothing to do with her poor judgment. I might have gotten over her attitude but throughout the whole story it brought up over and over again. 

When we aren't dwelling on their past I really enjoyed the story. I liked how Chase was dealing with what his brother has done and how he stood up to help out his brother's family. I also enjoyed the interactions between Chase and his friends. 

One of the things I enjoyed about Sophie is the way she stood up and took care of Comet when he is hurt. She's not really an animal person but still took him in. I also loved what she did in the backroom of her boutique and wish there was more about that than what happened in her past. What she did for those ladies in need is a wonderful thing. 

I also liked how the author is going to tie the new series in with this one. A great way of moving us over. It's a little sad, but I'm excited to see what happens. Not my favorite of the authors but still a very good read. Have any of you read her?


  1. Thanks for posting this! I like the sound of this story!

  2. Its the worst when you are so conflicted with a book and have that mixed feeling. I hate being on the "fence" LOL I do love it when an author connects a series you love to a future series. It makes it feel like its not ending in the world that you have fallen in love with.


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