Review: Falling Hard by Stacy Finz

This is the summer of Annie Sparks—at least according to her. No more supporting lazy jerks or coddling irresponsible family or taking care of anyone who doesn’t deserve her help. Instead, she’s headed to an estate in a remote mountain town, to spend her summer with her boots covered in mud and her hands working the earth. Love is the last thing on her mind.

Nugget is a long way from Logan Jenkins’ old life as a Navy SEAL. But before he starts fresh in the private sector, he receives a bequest from a man he never knew: his biological father. To learn more about his background, Logan makes his way to his late father’s estate, where he is immediately knocked on his heels by an incredible woman with a heart of gold.

Annie’s not looking for a fling, and Logan knows Nugget can’t be forever, so falling in love should be impossible. But when they’re together, time stops, and suddenly the impossible seems like the only thinkable option . . .
See I promised to get caught up and I'm working hard to do so. With a new book coming out I want to make sure to review all the ones I've read. 

Up this time is Falling Hard. It's a favorite of mine which has nothing to do with the heroine's first name. I really did like Annie. She's sweet and tired of the crap that she's allowed into her life. You have to feel for her. Her parents allowed her brother to be an idiot and not listing to her. It hurts her so much that they allowed themselves to be put into a no-win situation. 

I felt for poor Logan. I can't even imagine finding out who your father is. For him it really sucked. His father wasn't a good person. He comes from a horrible family. That's a lot to move on from. Right away you can tell he's nothing like his father. He's a wonderful guy, one that you can count on and perfect for Annie. 

What starts off as a fling builds into so much more. I just loved reading about how they fell in love. These two deserve happiness. It did take them a bit to understand that they love each other and should together. Have any of you read her?


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