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This week is #freakout

Today I'm going to share one of my biggest freakouts. I HATE when we are waiting for a new book from an author and hear nothing. When I say nothing I mean nothing. Nothing from the author, publisher, and even on retailer sites. 

As readers, we do at times expect too much from an author but it's also a business. Authors don't write for free so if they want our money then we shouldn't have to wait years to hear something. 

Now, I don't think that they owe us their lives but I do think that we are owed an "I'm not going to be writing any more for the next few years"

I get tired of checking websites to see what the hell is going on. It just makes me not want to read those authors ever again. 

Question, do you feel that authors owe us at least a message to say not to wait any time soon for my next book or should we not act like babies? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 


  1. I think authors should tell us if they aren't going to be writing for a few years, yes. That would probably stop me from reading them in the future.

    1. Right! Or, if you are reading a new series by them you'd hold off until you know for sure the next one is coming out. I have a ton of books I want to read and only want to reread the ones I want too, not the ones that I've forgotten.


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