Review: Waiting on the Rain by Claudia Connor

Being blind doesn’t hold Ava Bennet back in the least. With her work, her shopping, and public transportation within walking distance, she’s totally at home in the big city. But she’s not in the city now. Temporarily back in her small home town to help her father has her struggling in a big way.

Luke Walker is done running from his troubled past. Finally home after years in the military, he’s ready to make amends with his family and set down some roots. But adapting to civilian life is much harder than he ever expected.

She has no intention of sticking around. He has no plans to run again. All they have is one month together. Will it be enough for Luke to prove he’s everything Ava needs—in light, in darkness, and most importantly, even in the rain?
One of the things I've always liked about a book by Claudia Connor is her characters. She writes very flawed wonderful characters that you want to know more about. She understands that people aren't perfect and have issues, that a smile sometimes hides heartache. 

I think that's why I like her characters. I want them real and alive feeling. With this family, you really get that. I really love the Walker family. There is a deep issue with this family that started with their parents and then went on with their sister. 

Right away you get an inkling of what's going on with Luke. Just not the full scope of it. As the book goes on you learn more and more. I found as the book goes on you learn a bit more about the family and all the hurt and blame that went on when they were kids. This poor family. I'm loving how they are coming together with each book. 

I love it when an author makes her characters real and believable. Ava is one of those characters. I know it might be weird for me to get so excited about a character who can't see but I have to admit I love when authors make their people real. 

Ava is one tough cookie. She is very independent and knows how to take care of herself. She's very likable. You want her as a friend. I will say that at times her mother made me cringe. But I understood what it's like to be a parent. Now if I had my way I would have kicked her ex's ass. He is just a prick. 

These two at times are silly in their thinking but I liked them together. They work. He's great with her and because he makes her feel safe she can be herself with him. Yes, they have issues that they need to work out but they do. It's a perfect romance story. I really enjoyed it. 

I will say that for me I'd start this series with the McKinney series and work your way through to the Walkers. Believe me, you'll be so happy you did. Both series are so good. Any of you read her? 


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