Review: Deck the Halls by Cynthia Eden

Christie Tate is so over being good. This year, she’ll be topping the naughty list, thank you very much. And step one in her grand scheme? It’s seducing the man she’s always wanted…sexy police detective Jonas Kirk. For years, she’s wanted Jonas, but he’s her brother’s best friend, and she thought he was off-limits.

This year, nothing is off-limits.

When Jonas takes the role of Santa at the office Christmas party, Christie gives him a hot, holiday wish list that changes everything between them. Now that he knows how Christie really feels, Jonas is determined to give her a Christmas that she will never forget.
For me, this is a reread. I read it when it first came out in 2010 so when the author shared ARC's of it I thought why not, it's been so long I probably don't remember it. And I was right. Or at least I thought so till I started reading it and it all came back to me. It reminded me why I fell in love with Cynthia Eden.

This is the perfect story to read for the holidays. It's short enough to be able to read it in one sitting and you don't have to feel rushed with it. It's also a very sweet story. 

I really enjoyed both Christie and Jonas. They are just really nice people. With Jonas being Christie's brother friend you have that little bit of taboo about not dating a friend's sister so it adds to the story. The story also has a good little mystery too. It doesn't overshadow their romance but really helps add to the story. 

At the beginning of the book I wasn't happy with how Christie's brother treated her and thought he needed a slap upside the head but as the book goes on you can see he cares about her. I also liked how her parents felt about Jonas. 

I'm so very glad that I decided to read this one again for it was well worth my time. If you are looking to read something sweet with the Christmas tree lights shine then this is your book. Have any of you read her?


  1. I find it fantastic that you were able to love this the second time around.....Cynthia Eden is loved by many. Great review.


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