Review: Bayou Dreaming by Lexi Blake

Roxanne King left the big city looking for a simpler life, but after years of proving herself on a SWAT team in New York City, being a deputy in a sleepy Louisiana parish is something of an adjustment. She's settling in, but she knows she made some mistakes in the beginning--Zep Guidry being the worst of them. Zep drifts through life on his looks and Cajun charm. Roxie learned the hard way he's not for her.

Zep is a man who knows what he wants, and what he wants is Roxie. He's just not sure how to get her. They spent one hot night together a year before and now all the lovely deputy seems interested in doing to him is arresting him. He's not used to a woman he can't charm, but Roxie seems immune. He's determined to win her back by any means necessary. Including becoming the kind of man she desires.

And when Roxie's past comes calling, it might be the opportunity Zep needs to show Roxie that the town bad boy might just be the man of her dreams.
I love those books that have characters you can't wait to read about. That's how it was for me with Zep. I just knew, or should say, hoped there was more to him than what we've been shown in the two prior books. 

I was so right! He's such a complex character with many layers. You really don't get him until he shares with us who he really is. I really felt sorry for him and wanted to hit anyone who was mean to him. And let me tell you so many people he knew didn't bother to look underneath what he showed the world, not even his family.

I also liked Roxanne and didn't mind how she kept throwing Zep in jail. I knew for her it was more like flirting. My only issue with her is that she couldn't see what she really wanted in life. She talks about her grandfather a lot and how he was on the job but doesn't notice that it's how she is right now in this job. 

Together they work. Zep needs someone to believe in him and push him when he tries to hide behind his carefree attitude. Roxanne needs someone how helps her have a little fun. She forgets to do that. 

I will say Roxanne's family is a little hard to take. At times I wanted to reach inside the book and slap them upside the head. The way they treated Roxanne is horrible. They might love and care about her but have trouble thinking about her first. They made me like her more. 

The story ends well and made me happy. I can't wait to see what's next in this series. I've really been enjoying it. Have any of you read her before? 


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