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Today for Book Club Thursday we are doing a remembering post. I wasn't sure what I was going to post about but ended up thinking that it would be sweet to tell you how Book Club Thursday came about. 

So it all started with a gem of an idea I had. I have already been blogging for a while and two of my friends (ones I worked with at the bookstore) decided to start blogs too. So I thought, wouldn't it be fun to do a weekly post that ran across all three blogs. We'd have the same topic and artwork but we'd do our own type of post. 

So we got together at our neighborhood Starbucks and started talking about it (we ending the conversation in the Target parking lot). Once we decided on what do we wanted to post it went from there. Since the other two bloggers didn't just read romance like me we've evolved to include all that they read too. 

If you go back to when we started we always had one joint review that we did each month. It was a great way to get three takes on the same book. Instead, we now do a reading challenge post that works for all the different genres read. 

We'd get together right before Christmas to set up and decide what we were going to do for the next year and to enjoy the holiday. We'd happily go overall we did the year before and decide what we thought worked for the next year. We always wanted the people reading our posts to enjoy them. 

As time went on one of our bloggers stopped blogging so we no longer have three in our Book Club Thursday group. I will say that the two left myself and Cyndi at Born to Read Books still keep up with blogging and Book Club Thursday. We still like getting together and planning the next year. Of course, nowadays we don't change as much of the types of posts as we used to but we do try to add new things. 

I will also tell you for those of you who don't know I also do posts on my Facebook page and here with Cyndi at Born to Read Books. We do Whatcha Reading on Wednesday's and on Friday's we have a few revolving themes. On Sundays, we have fun with covers. I hope you join us for those too. 

The last few years of blogging have been so much fun for me but it's always better with friends. 

Come back on November 19th "Throwback Thursday"


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