Review: Thankfully in Love By Anna J Stewart, Kayla Perrin, Melinda Curtis and Cari Lynn Webb

Chef Drew Barnett has been hired to create the perfect Thanksgiving for a potential restaurant investor, but a power outage has him scrambling to find a working kitchen. Jilted bride and food critic Claire Rothchild is pet-sitting a friend’s St. Bernard named Snowflake. She wants to hibernate for the holidays, but it turns out the guest house she’s staying in has power when the main house does not. Feeling uncomfortable for invading the privacy of his potential investor's guest, Drew doesn’t know what to make of a food critic in his kitchen, just as Claire doesn’t know how to stop interfering with his dishes and passing tidbits to a mooching pooch. Is this a recipe for a Dog-Gone Holiday? Or for love?

Born with a degenerative eye disease, photographer Kelsey Thomas knows two things: she will be legally blind within five years and her family wants to see her married and settled first. Then Kelsey's boyfriend breaks up with her one week before she planned to introduce him to her family at her grandmother's island commitment ceremony. At the resort bar, she meets Dr. Noah Lawson. He spends his life inside his lab developing cutting-edge techniques to slow the progression of vision loss. When he’s offered funding with strings—save the eyesight of the granddaughter of a wealthy investor—he’s reluctant to agree. Noah is smitten by Kelsey—so much so that he agrees to be her fake wedding date for the Thanksgiving holidays. Too late, he realizes her connection to his potential investor. Is this a set-up? Or fate?
If you follow me then you know that I love reading anthologies. More so during the holiday where time is a factor. It's also a great way to find new authors. Authors you've wanting to try to but wasn't sure about. 

For this book, I grabbed it for review because of Melinda Curtis. She's an author that I really enjoy and couldn't pass up. I've also read Perrin too so I really only had two newer to me authors. 

As a whole, I really enjoyed this book. Each story is well-written and enjoyable. I can't that there isn't one that I didn't enjoy. I will say that Ann J Stewart had my favorite of all the stories. I would love more from this author. I will do a quick review of each of the stories. 

No Place Like Home by Stewart is my favorite of all the stories. I loved the idea of it. Plus, I really enjoyed the Atsila family. I'd want more from this town. Second Chances by Perrin is also pretty good but my least favorite of the stories which means I still really enjoyed it but it wasn't a standout story. I didn't like what he did to her but it worked out for the best.

Up next, Dog Gone Holiday by Curtis. I so hated her ex. He is such a jerk. Love the family and how they came together for her. Even if she didn't think so at first. And finally, we have Love Guides the Way by Webb. Another author that I have read before. I really liked this one too. The whole idea about her going through what she was going through and the worry of her family really made for a charming, loving story.

I was so glad that I read this book. It's the perfect book to enjoy this Thanksgiving. I found two new authors and was able to enjoy two authors I have already read. Have you guys read any of these authors? 


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