Review: The Christmas Backup Plan by Lori Wilde

Wedding planner Aria Alzate has one goal: to give her best friend a perfect day. But after a bump on the head, she’s under doctor’s orders not to travel on her own. So she’s stuck on the road to Twilight with upright, uptight Remington Lockhart in the driver’s seat. True, Remy is one long, tall, Texas male, but the ex-military man never saw a rule he didn’t like—making this one long road trip . . .

Remy has left the military, but the military lifestyle has not left him. The uncertainty this ex-paratrooper encountered during his tour of duty has convinced him that plans—combined with backup plans—will keep life under control. Aria is undeniably tempting, but her fly-by-the-seat of her pants attitude is never going to work.

Then a sudden snowstorm strikes, and these opposites come together in a night of unexpected passion. And suddenly the magic of a Twilight, Texas, Christmas takes hold, proving that sometimes the best plan is to have no plan at all.
Here we are, back in Twilight. I love so much this series. The stories are always well-written and have the best characters. I always love reading them. Add in the fact that it's also a holiday story I was sold. 

I have to say I think that Remy has to be hands down one of my most favorite characters. I just love a man who makes a plan. I'm a huge list person myself so I always try to make sure that I have a backup plan just in case. 

As mentioned Remy is a great character. He might be having a hard time being back home and not in the military but he's doing the best he can. He might seem ridge and even cold but that's just what he needs to show the world right now. It's how he's coping. 

I also liked Aria. She's sweet and caring by also at times a little flighty. It isn't that she doesn't do her job, it's just that she feels like she can just wing it at times. Which we all know is never the plan when you are a wedding planner. Has she not watched Bridezilla's? Those ladies are crazy!

I think these two are a great match. She needs someone grounded and he needs someone who will teach him how to play. Sometimes both are hard to do. 

I really enjoyed how they came together and how they both acted like it was just an easy relationship with no ties between them. But we all know that was bullshit. They were made for each other and it was proved to Aria but she was just being stubborn. 

I really felt for Remy. He put his heart out there and she blew him off running scared. Even in the end, he's the one that puts his cards on the table again. There are many very happy, fun moments in the story with a few sad ones too. The perfect balance for a holiday romance. For those who read Wilde's Twilight Texas series you'll enjoy your return for those who have read her I think you are in for a treat. 


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