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This year we are doing something a little different for our Friday posts. Here's the link to learn more. Make sure to also visit Cyndi @ Born to Read Books she too does this post.

This week we are doing #forever this one is a little different. I'm going to share with you something that took me #forever to do in the book world. 

So for me, it's been #forever since I've found a new historical author that I wanted to read. I can remember a time where that's all I read. Now, I only read like two authors, and one of them I am slightly behind on. I really missing reading historicals but I'm so picky about what I like that it's hard for me to find an author I really like. What about you, do you find that you can no longer read a certain genre?


  1. I mostly read PNR these days and I really can't real historical romance anymore.


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