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Reading Challenge

Clearing Off the Book Shelves 
An author whose books you are +2 behind on 
Read any new to you author 
Any series you are +2 behind on 
Start a new series 
Read a book you’ve had for six months or less 
Read a book you’ve had for over a year 
Read a book you’ve had for over five years 
Read a book you keep meaning to read 

Anything Goes 
Just Because 
Double Dip 
Recommended by 
Second Chance previous read author 
Try again (a book you one gave up on) 
I really tried, but… 

Cover you don’t like 
Mismatch (the cover doesn’t fit the book) 
Trifecta (cover, title & book theme =perfection) 
Single Person 
Body Parts (head only, torso only, etc ) 

I picked this challenge to do:
Any series you are +2 behind on (from the Clearing off the Book Shelves list)
It was just another after-work happy-hour bar downtown, where business professionals unwound with a few drinks, complained about the boss, maybe hooked up with someone for the night. Until something went terribly wrong. At first, it was just a friction in the air. The noise intensified. The crowd seemed oppressive. some sharp words were exchanged, some pushing and shoving.

Then the madness descended. And after twelve minutes of chaos and violence, eighty people lay dead.

Eve Dallas is trying to sort out the inexplicable events. Surviving witnesses talk about seeing things—monsters and swarms of bees. They describe sudden, overwhelming feelings of fear and rage, and paranoia. When forensics makes its report, the mass delusions make more sense: it appears the bar patrons were exposed to a cocktail of chemicals and illegal drugs that could drive people to temporary insanity—if not kill them outright.

But that doesn't explain who would unleash such horror—or why. Eve's husband, Roarke, happens to own the bar, yet he's convinced the attack wasn't directed at him. It's bigger than that. And if Eve can't figure it out fast, it could happen again, anytime, anywhere. Because it's airborne...
As you can see I'm slowly getting caught up with the In Death series. I still have like ten more to review but I've had a busy summer so I got behind. 

Like the past books in the series Delusion in Death is a great story. One of the things I love about her books is the way she has of sucking you in. I think for us that have been reading this series for a while it's twofold. To start we can't wait to see what Eve and Roake are up to along with the other characters we've come to love. Plus we know she's going to give us a great story. 

Robb has a way of pulling you into the story and making you care about what's happing. I know that once I start about a book of hers I just can't wait to see how it's going to end. This story is crazy, I think you can kinda figure that out by the title. It's one of those stories that sit with you long after you finish the book. 

I loved how everyone came together and worked hard to find out who was killing everyone. It's a fast-paced story that keeps you going from page one till the end. I will say that this series is much better if you read it in order. The growth of all the characters really shows that way. Yes, each story is standalone but like I said, much better in order.
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