Review: Say I Do by Cynthia Eden

She hates him.

Dexter Ryan is smug. Arrogant. Manipulative. And he is also…Lacey Amari’s new partner. Well, her partner on one case. A case she doesn’t even want to take, but when Dex—CIA super operative and all around puppet-master—basically blackmails her, she has no choice. Then he asks her the big question…

Will you marry me?

The proposal isn’t real. It’s just an undercover assignment. Dex needs Lacey to be his fake fiancée for a case. Not exactly her dream job. But, she’ll do it. He wants her to pretend to be head over heels in love with him, he wants her help on a dangerous investigation in a remote ski lodge, and he…wants her?

Their desire isn’t pretend.

Dex doesn’t work well with others and handling a case with a partner in close proximity—as in 24/7 close—isn’t his normal style. He’s pulled Lacey into the investigation because she is smart and resourceful, and maybe because he knows a secret about her that could prove to be very useful to him. After all, Dex uses people all the time. It’s his thing. Yet the more he is around her, the idea of using Lacey suddenly doesn’t seem like such a good plan. But getting her into his bed? Stellar idea.

He wants her, but so do the bad guys.

The attraction between Dex and Lacey burns red-hot, hot enough to melt the snow around them. Except, just as he planned, Lacey’s presence draws in the enemy. Now the bad guys are after her, and Dex has to stick even closer to her. He’s playing the role of the obsessed lover, only it’s not just a role. Because for the first time in his life, Dex is falling hard. He’s losing his control.

He’s lied. He’s cheated. He’s about to give up his heart.

When Lacey finds out the secret he’s known, her rage and pain break his heart. Dex has to find a way to make things up to her, and he has to stop the enemies who are closing in. Nothing he can’t handle. Maybe. Dex is a master multi-tasker—most days, anyway. Dex will use every trick in his very large arsenal to win this case. Lacey melted the ice around what the whole world knows is Dex’s very, very cold heart, and Dex will fight like hell to protect her and to prove to her that even master spies can fall in love. 
If you haven't read a book by Cynthia Eden yet I'm not sure why. Her books are so good and I really enjoy reading them. 

For some reason they are so easy to get into. Plus she writes great hero's. I just love them. Very alpha with a heart of gold. You won't be able to pass them up. I know I can't. Smoking hot!

I've been waiting for Dex's story. There is something about him that just made me want to scream at him and hug him at the same time. Crazy I know, but I can't help my feelings. He's the type of man that pushes himself into your life if you want him to or not. 

Right away you know Dex's feelings for Lacey. He might not have shared them with her, but we knew. So even when he was not being upfront with her you know how much he cared about her. I'm not sure he knew how to share his feelings in the beginning with her. It took her getting to know him and figuring him out for Dex to feel free to be him. 

You'll feel so bad for Lacey and her past. The loss of her family really messed her up but it also made her more caring in some ways. I really liked her and how she was able to see what was beneath people. She deserved all the happinest in the world. 

Their story is so much fun to read about. I really enjoy being part of them falling in love. I also really liked the mystery in this story. I wasn't sure who the bad guy was till the end. Really kept you in the story. 

I also liked visiting with Anthony and meeting Roman. I hope we get their stories. I would mention that even though the stories and standalone the whole series is much better if read in order. You don't want to miss any of these great heroes. Have any of you read her before?


  1. I have this one in my wish list. I like her books and this sounds like a good one.


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