Review: Pumpkin Patch Sweethearts by Sasha Summers


Art teacher Harley Welsh is charmed by her newest student—a little girl whose shyness disappears the second her hands are covered in clay or paint. Moving wasn’t easy for Nadia so to help her, Harley resurrects the countdown to the Great Pumpkin Patch—a must-do fall activity list from her childhood. She’s determined to show Nadia and her family how wonderful life in Crossvine Creek is. But Harley didn’t plan for Nadia’s father to be single, distractingly handsome and everything she’s running from.

New high school football coach Josh McBride is hoping a smaller town will give him more time to focus on his children. While his son is adjusting to the move, his daughter is struggling. Harley’s offer to help via a fun, seasonal-themed activity list is a welcome gift. Her love for the town is infectious, and soon his kids aren’t the only ones falling under her spell.

But Josh can’t help but wonder…what happens when they reach the end of the list?

Sometimes a cover catches your attention and you know that you have to read it. That's what happened with Pumpkin Patch Sweethearts. I'm a new reader of Sasha Summers so when I saw this book come up for review I knew I needed to read it. 

I very much enjoyed the small-town feel of the story. I also liked how close to her family that Harley is. That interaction makes for a better story. 

Harley is so sweet. She understands Nadia and tries to help her feel better about herself and interact with others. She draws in Josh's kids and in turn, connects with him. With Harley helping him out Josh sees how much he's missing in his life. 

You have to feel for poor Josh he's had a rough few years. He works so hard to be there for his kids and the people who count on him. He understands his daughter's issues and wants so badly to make it all right but isn't sure how. He learns from Harley how to relax and enjoy his family. So sweet. 

This is a wonderful story that has all the warmth of family and the holidays. It reminded me of all the things I love about fall and the holidays with a little romance thrown in. I really enjoyed it and would love more from this town. I think you'll really like Welsh sisters. Have any of you read her?


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