Review: Christmas on Reindeer Road by Debbie Mason


Mallory Maitland knows all too well what it's like to feel abandoned, which is why she's sworn never to give up on her two stepsons - her late husband's children. But when the teens land in hot water, she's got a whole new problem: how to resist the caring and incredibly hot Chief of Police Gabriel Buchanan. All Mallory wants is to give the boys a magical holiday. She doesn't need the distraction of wondering what it would be like to kiss Gabriel under the mistletoe.

After his wife died, Gabriel left his job as an adrenaline-chasing New York City homicide detective to focus on raising his three sons. But back in Highland Falls, he doesn't have to go looking for trouble. It finds him - in the form of a beautiful neighbor and her troublemaking stepchildren. With Gabriel's mother-in-law looking for any excuse to gain custody of his sons, Gabriel can't risk getting involved with Mallory, even though she's the only woman capable of making this Christmas - and all the rest to come - his best ever.

There are those authors that you can't wait to read them the second they come out with a new book. Mason is one of those authors for me. 

I just love her! 

I've been loving this new series by her. Christmas on Reindeer Road is the second book in her Highland Falls series. It's Mallory and Gabe. Two really great characters. I have to admit that I really liked them both. 

Mallory is the sweetest thing. She works so hard to make others happy and gets hurt so easily. You won't be able to not feel for her. Her childhood is full of so many sad moments. You just want to give her a hug and make her feel better. 

Gabe is no better he too needs a hug and at times a backbone. The way he lets his mother-in-law treat him is so wrong. He needs to tell her to back off. I love how he treats his sons and Teddy is just...he takes over some of the story, his character is that good. 

You'll love how these two just fall into a relationship. It takes them and even the reader a minute to figure out that they are together. It just happens so seamlessly. You'll also love the boys. All of them even with Teddy stealing the story. 

I loved visiting with all the characters and seeing how everyone has come together. This is the perfect story for the holidays. Make sure to pick up Summer on Honeysuckle Ridge first so you can read about Abby who is one of my favorite characters. You've got to love her. 

I can't wait to see what comes next in this series. I know it will be wonderful and fun to read. Have any of you read her before?


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