Review: The Best Cowboy Christmas Even by June Faver


When handsome town sheriff Derrick Shelton meets Angelique Guillory and her young daughter at the Garrett ranch, he is immediately drawn to the woman who seems to desperately need a true family Christmas. Determined to erase the shadows from her eyes, he decides to give her the best holiday she's ever had.

Angelique Guillory is a woman with a past, haunted by violence and searching for the family she never knew. When she and her little daughter find their way to the Garrett family and meet Derrick, she hopes to have finally found a safe haven.

But Angelique is still looking over her shoulder. Despite her doubts, with a little Christmas magic and the warmth of the Garretts, Angelique may find more love and acceptance than she ever thought possible.

I love trying new authors. How else will you know you like someone without giving them a try? Some times you love them and other times, not as much. For me, this book is somewhere in between like and hate. 

This is going to be one of those reviews where it seems like one second I liked the book and the next, I don't. The reason for that is because of it kind of sums up how I felt about the book. I liked most of the characters. Some are a little bit over the top but by the end of the book, I came to like them too. 

I liked the idea of a woman finding her father a father who didn't know anything about her but it did bother me a big that he didn't do any testing just to make sure. He has money so the idea of someone acting like he was their long lost father wasn't that far fetched. 

So I really liked Angelique and her daughter. They seemed real and I felt for what she was going through. Even though she didn't have the easiest upbringing she turned out to be a good, caring person. 

I also really liked Derrick. He seemed like a great guy who would do anything for those who he cared about. 

Like I mentioned the idea of the story didn't bother me. I liked it and how the story moves. I guess the biggest issue I had was with the writing. I often felt as I read the story that the words coming out of the character's mouths were forced. It was like the author was working way too hard to make them sound young. I almost felt like it was how the author thought they should talk. 

It bothered me a ton but even with that, I wanted to know how the story ended. I'm sure we've all had a book or two like that. So I might not have loved it but I did at times enjoy this book. I do feel it was worth the try and I might try the next in the series to see how I like that. Even with the issues I had I was able to quickly read the story so that's saying something. Have any of you read her?


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