Review: Country Storm by Cheyenne McCray


Rae Fox wants nothing more than to run from her past—only she can't run far, considering she's on trial for killing an intruder who tried to murder her. She escapes to the small town of King Creek at her cousin's urging, where she has some anonymity in between traveling to and from Lake Havasu City to stand trial.

Bear McLeod is a country vet, spending his time caring for King Creek's livestock and pets, and his own menagerie on his ranch. He meets the beautiful Rae when she brings in a dog that had been hit by a car. Later, he runs into Rae at the bar she's tending in town and is determined to get to know her.

When the trial is over, and she walks away a free woman, Rae plans to run to Albuquerque where she can start life far from any place where she can be recognized. She won't let anything—or anyone—stand in her way.

But Rae has stolen Bear's heart, and he'll do anything to keep the woman he loves.

I've been looking forward to Bear's book. Ever since I was introduced to him in the second book of this series (I missed the first one and need to go back to it) There was just something about him that drew me to him. He's a gentle giant who loves animals. How couldn't I love him? 

I totally loved this story. I picked it up and read it through till the end. Once I got into it I didn't want to stop. I love it when I read stories like that. I think what makes this story so fun and sweet to read is the characters. I loved both Rae and Bear. Plus his family and hers. 

Ton's of characters to really like. For me, small-town romance is at its best when we have a bunch of characters to either love or hate. Sometimes your favorite characters are ones that aren't always likable. Not that it happened in this book. The unlikeable ones stayed that way for me. 

My heart broke for what Rae has gone through and is still going through in this book. I understood how she felt about not getting to close to anyone even Bear. I did like how her cousin told her to live a little. Bear is the perfect guy for her. They work well together and are likeminded. 

The story is fast-paced and moves quickly. I think before you know it you'll be done with the story. I kinda didn't want it to end. I really liked them. They have so much to work out and in the end, Bear shows her what can be if only she wants it. It's a wonderful ending that I think you'll love. I can't wait for more of the McLeod family. They are a great bunch. Have any of you read her? 


  1. Sounds like a riveting read, I haven't ever read her, but you definitely have me intrigued here.

    Great review.

    1. For me her books are easy to get into which I really like. She also have one of my favorite paranormal series.


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