Review: Come Home to Deep River by Jackie Ashenden

Deep River, Alaska boasts a fiercely independent though small population. The people who live here love it, and they don't much care what anyone else thinks. Until the day Silas Quinn comes back and tells them an oil reserve has been found below the town and now it's neighbor vs. neighbor. Some want to take the money and run, while others want to tell the oil company to put its rigs where the sun don't shine.

Hope Dawson never expected to leave Deep River. Her mom needs her. Her grandfather died and left her the local hangout to run. Her dreams of college and adventure died long ago. Until Silas comes back to town, holding the key to set her free. But freedom means she loses him again, and he's the one she's really always wanted.
Jackie Ashenden is a new author to me. I've never read her before. I always love trying new authors and small-town romances are some of my favorites. So finding someone new is always a thrill for me. 

What really drew me to the book was the fact that it's set in Alaska. The idea of small-town Alaska is something I'm into right now. It might be because of the heatwave we've been dealing with so thinking of cooler weather is a draw but I also think it's because you don't have a ton of romance there. More so now but it's still not a state we hit often. 

There is many things I really liked about this new series by Ashenden. The characters you meet are intriguing enough that you'll want some of their stories and the town seems nice if not a little small even for a small-town romance. I also wish that a few more people were introduced so that you got a better picture of the town too. 

I liked both Hope and Silas. I understood why both of them couldn't wait to leave the town they grew up in and I also understood why Hope couldn't. 

You'll enjoy how they come together and figure out how they feel about each other. It's slow going but a good build up. One that leaves you feel complete. 

I did like this story and would like to try more of this author and see if by the second book I can get into this town more. So, do any of you read her? For those who do what do you think?


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