Review: Chase After Me by Cynthia Eden

It’s an undercover mission. Get in. Get close to the woman. Get the intel. Get out. Should be easy enough. Right?


Chase Durant’s newest assignment goes wrong from the moment he meets Vivian Wayne. She’s not cold and calculating. The scientist is charming, funny, and absolutely freaking gorgeous. He’s supposed to be seducing secrets out of her. She’s supposed to be a selling classified intel. She’s supposed to be bad.

She’s the best thing he’s ever seen.

Doesn’t take long for the Wilde agent to realize that Vivian has been set-up, and the folks setting her up thought they could use Wilde to do their dirty work. Thought they could use Chase in order to make Vivian vulnerable so that she’d be the perfect target.


Instead of using her, Chase is determined to protect Vivian. The only problem? He’s been lying to her from day one, and things have…heated up between them. More like gone molten. Because Chase wants her more than he’s ever wanted anyone, and he’s not about to step back and let another agent take over her case. Vivian needs protection, and he’s just the man for the job.

Correction—he’s just the man for Vivian. He just has to prove that he can be the right one for her.


But when Vivian finds out that he’s been lying, how can she trust him? Time is running out, and Vivian’s heart is in tatters. She fell for the wrong man, and now she might pay for that mistake with her life. Chase seemed perfect. He flew past her defenses, and she thought he seemed might be just—


Chase won’t back down. He won’t give up. He’ll prove to Vivian that she can count on him. Prove to her that he will always put her first. Prove to her that he can be the right man for her. He simply has to destroy her all of enemies and convince Vivian to fall for him once more. Only this time, she’ll be falling for the real man. Not the lie.

All in a day’s work for a Wilde agent…right?
I'm always so happy to read a story by Cynthia Eden. She has the best characters. I love her alpha males. There is just something about them. You can't help wanting them. 

So here we are with Chase. I really like him and his "huh's" I don't know how that one word is such a turn on but it is. Then you have Vivian you knowns just why he says it and you know they are the perfect couple. These two just work. 

Right from the start, you can see how fast Chase falls for Vivian. He doesn't believe all that's being said and works as hard as he can to protect her. 

I also enjoyed the interaction between them and Dex who for some reason calls to me. Eden is good for doing that to me. I read about a new male character and want his book. As in the prior book, Dex is there and in your face. How Chase didn't kill him I have no clue. 

Why Chase does everything he can to protect Vivian the people around him aren't sure if she can be trusted. It puts a bit of a damper on friendships that's for sure. 

What I loved was how well the action flowed throughout the story and the little surprises we learned. This is the perfect addition to the Wilde Ways series. If you like lighter suspense with humor this series is perfect for you. Did I also mention the alpha males? Can't forget that. You'll also find the stories all well-written. Now we finally get Dex's story and I just can't wait for it. You've got some time to read all the stories in time for Dex. Have any of you read her?


  1. I do love the Cynthia Eden books that I've read so far and this story sounds like one that I would enjoy.

  2. I haven't really delved much into this author, but I really should read her more


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