Feature Friday

This year we are doing something a little different for our Friday posts. Here's the link to learn more. Make sure to also visit Cyndi @ Born to Read Books she too does this post.

This week we are doing #forever this one is a little different. I'm going to share with you something that took me #forever to do in the book world. 
That's right that's what I've been doing since we've started social distancing from others. I'm a huge book hoarder and have so many issues getting rid of anything I've read. Now don't get me wrong mine are all boxed up and neat but I still have a shit ton of them. I decided to finally do our basement so I have to get rid of some of the books I have. I will still keep certain authors and those books that really touched me. Plus I'd never get rid of a signed copy. I love those. 

Since I do have issues getting rid of them I've had to work myself up to it and have a glass of wine or two before I could do it. But I have to say I've gotten rid of a ton of books so far. The sad part is almost all the donate boxes have been picked up and not it's hard to find a place that will take more than a box or two. 

Even with those issues I have been cleaning them out. In a couple more weeks the whole basement will be cleaned out and ready for drywalling. I can't wait!!! So, what about you, anything you've waited forever to do in the reading world?


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