Review: A Royal Second Chance Summer by Viv Royce

Prince Nicolas is looking for a priceless royal heirloom. Trying to stay under the radar, he keeps that he’s a prince secret—especially from the cute antique dealer he asks to help him. The longer it takes, the more time they get to spend together, though no matter how attracted he is to Lizzie, love is certainly not an option for the heir to the crown of Belfort.

Lizzie Cates fled her family’s new-found fame and fortune because life in the spotlight wasn’t for her. She loves her small town, where the most exciting thing on the schedule is the car parade for the Fourth of July. That’s just how she likes it until Nicolas comes along. Lizzie finds herself falling for the caring man who craves the country and small-town life as much as she does.

Except Nicolas has a secret that will shatter both their dreams...
Unfortunately, we can't like everything and that's something I really can't get over. I so badly want to love everything I read and because I can't I feel so much guilt. My brain says I'm acting crazy, but my heart doesn't want to hurt anyone. 

I really tried to like A Royal Second Chance Summer. I kept picking it up and reading a little bit only to put it down and walking away. My biggest problem was not being able to fall into the story. I'm one of those readers that will get lost into the story where I picture it in my head as I read it like a movie. 

With me putting it down so much that never happened. 

I did enjoy both main characters to a point but felt something was missing with them. I don't mind the quick falling in love. If I couldn't handle that I wouldn't read romance. Sometimes it just happens like that, other times it needs work to fall in love. 

I think my biggest issue is the way it was written. Parts are like a race and others drag. The word count didn't help it. The story needed more flushing out. It's like the size of a novella and for me, there is an art to writing a short page count. Not all authors can do it. I also didn't get the vibe that it was part of a series. I didn't know that until I was ready to review it. Now it might not have worked for me but I'm sure others will enjoy it. Have any of you read her?


  1. I think I would struggle with the inconsistency with the pacing, that can be so frustrating when reading. Sorry to hear this one was such a struggle.


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