Review: Never Gonna Happen by Cynthia Eden

No. Absolutely not. He will not fall in love with his best friend's little sister. He is not that guy.

So…yeah, okay, Alyssa Kyle is gorgeous and funny, and she’s slipped into more than a few of his fantasies over the years, but Sebastian Ridgeway is not about to cross that particular line. No way. No day.

Today is the day.

Alyssa’s in trouble. Someone shot at her—actually shot at her—and now she’s getting all kinds of threatening messages. Messages that say she’s about to pay for her brother’s crimes. Only her brother is a computer gaming designer, not some secret agent. The bad guys out there have obviously made a mistake.

There is no mistake.

Sebastian and Alyssa’s brother, Antony, have been working the spy game for years. They started as hacking teens but graduated to the big leagues—and their gaming company is just their cover. Apparently, their cover has been blown. Now some of the bad guys they’ve taken down want payback—and Alyssa is being targeted. Her brother is out of the country, gone dark on an assignment, and Sebastian can’t just leave Alyssa on her own to face the wolves. Not happening. So…

Time to get close.

He moves Alyssa into his home. Provides twenty-four-seven protection for her. He figures he can keep his secret desire for her in check—he’s done it for years, after all—or at least, that’s the initial plan. Until he finds out that Alyssa has been longing for him. That he’s starred in more than a few of her fantasies, too.

All bets are off.

He’s held back for years, thinking he was doing the right thing. Thinking he’d never truly deserve a woman like her. But if Alyssa wants him, if Alyssa needs him, nothing will stop him from claiming the woman who owns his heart. Not the bad guys who are closing in, not the government who wants his tech, and not even Alyssa’s big brother.

Keep his hands off her? Stay away from Alyssa? Sorry, that’s…NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.

Absolutely, one hundred percent…Sebastian will not let her go, and he will prove that he is the guy—the only one—for her.
When I start a book by Cynthia Eden I'm guaranteed one thing, a good story. And that's just what I got with Never Gonna Happen. In fact, I felt like I was on a roller coaster the whole time I read it. I didn't want to put the book down when I started on Saturday but I made plans for a social distance visit with the family. I did finish it the second I got home. 

This is such a fun read. I just love both Sebastian and Alyssa.

Sebastian is such a wonderful guy that will do anything in his power to protect those he loves. He thinks it's only Alyssa he'd protect by it's not, his friend's well-being is important to him too. The poor guy doesn't think he's good enough for anyone. It's hell growing up the way he did. You lose some of your self-worth. 

I bet you're dying to know more about him. You'll have to find out by reading the book. 

Alyssa is also a great character. I love how hard she works at acting like Sebastian isn't there. She thinks she can ignore her feelings for him. In fact, they both feel that way. Silly people. You can't do that, it's going to bubble up someday. 

These two are so much fun to watch, or read about in this case. You see how much they care they only need to figure that out. Like I mention this story really moves. I felt like I was on a race from almost page one. I will admit that I figured out who the bad guy was but I have to wonder if I did only for the fact that I love Eden's books so much that I can kinda figure her out. 

If you like a story with a wonderful romance and great characters with a little suspense thrown in you'll love Never Gonna Happen. It wasn't mentioned if this book is going to be a first in a series but I hope she decides to have it be. Anthony needs his own story and I really need Dex's story. That man is a mystery! This is the perfect fun afternoon read. Have any of you read her? 


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