Review: Summer on Honeysuckle Ridge by Debbie Mason

In just a few months Abby Everhart has gone from being a top LA media influencer to an unemployed divorcée living out of her car. So inheriting her great-aunt's homestead comes at the perfect time. Abby heads to Highland Falls, North Carolina, to spruce up Honeysuckle Farm before putting it on the market for some much-needed cash. But instead of finding a charming getaway, she discovers a serious fixer-upper, complete with a leaky roof, overgrown yard, and a reclusive-albeit sexy-man living on the property.

Ex-Delta Force soldier Hunter MacKenzie has faced war and loss, but nothing has quite prepared him for an outgoing redhead who's determined to turn his life upside down. Hunter doesn't want to get involved with anyone, especially a city girl who plans to sell the only place he's ever felt at home. But the sparks between them are undeniable. Spending time with Abby is easy. Convincing her to stay for good is another matter entirely.
I can remember a time when starting a new series by a beloved author messed up my whole world. I hated leaving such loved characters. I didn't think I'd be able to fall for a whole new group. It took a few special authors to help me get over my fear. Debbie Mason is one of those authors. 

With her I know I'll be getting new wonderful characters that I can fall in love with. 

And that's just what happened in Summer on Honeysuckle Ridge. I just loved Abby and Hunter. These two are perfect together. More than once throughout the book I caught myself putting down the book so I could think about them and how they are together. See, this is why I love Mason's books. It doesn't matter if I like the character or not, I always get engrossed with the story. 

Since I myself like to learn things as I read them I won't get into too much about some of the stuff that happens to Abby or Abby's little issue. Just know that out of all her heroine's Abby is one of my top favorites. She is so real and giving. She's always willing to help someone out. Even when she's making mistakes it's never because she's not carrying about others. 

Now Hunter is a little harder nut to crack. He is a totally unhappy person and I get why that is. He's had a ton of crap happen in his past that weighs heavily on his shoulders. You feel for him hidden away from those he loves because it's easier to be with himself than others.

That is until Abby comes along. She shakes up his world and really misses with his intentions of being all alone for the rest of his life. If he's not there to protect the woman she might hurt herself. I bet you want to know the book. 

Like with all of Mason's series you'll have characters you are not sure if you'll like or not. That's part of the fun in her books. You can't wait to see how they'll make you like them. Right away I can see so many characters that I NEED their stories. This was a ball to read and I would have to say so far this year my favorite read. Now the year isn't over yet so that can change. Did I mention she also has a book out at the end of September...

If you haven't yet read a book by Debbie Mason this is the perfect series to start. You'll love kilt staring, chest touch Abby. Again, you'll need to read the book to understand what I'm talking about. I hope I wet your whistle. 

Have you read Debbie Mason?


  1. I haven't read her books yet but I keep thinking I should because the reviews always sound so good.

    1. Her books are always comfort reads for me. Even when a character of hers is a pain you end up liking them in the end. Let me know if you do try her.


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