Review: Accidentally Family by Sasha Summers

Life for Felicity, and her teen children, is finally back on track. After her divorce, she wasn’t sure if her sweet family would ever be the same. But things are good––right up until her ex’s spirited toddler lands on Felicity’s doorstep. If the universe is going to throw lemons at her, thank God she has her best friend, Graham, to help her make lemonade out of them. How did she never notice how kind and sexy he is?

Graham is still recovering from his wife’s death years ago and trying to help his teen daughter get her life together. Who is he kidding? His daughter hates him. Forget lemons––he’s got the entire lemon tree. So when Felicity suggests they join forces and help each other, he’s all in. And suddenly he can’t stop thinking about her as more than just a friend. Too bad their timing couldn’t be worse…

Because life rarely goes as planned. Luckily there are many different kinds of family to hold you together and lift you maybe even a little love between friends.
You all know how much I love small-town romances. So when I saw the cover of this one I had to have it. Then when I saw the series title I was lost, or hungry, it doesn't matter which one only that I knew I had to read it. 

Another good point for the author is the fact that within pages of the book she had me crying. I love it when an author can do that. 

Sasha Summers is a new author for me. So it was wonderful that I was able to get into the story right away. This one is a heartbreaker for sure. What this family goest through it so sad and horrible. But I really liked how for the most part the kids stuck with her. 

Felicity is such a good person. You just can't help by like her. Sometimes I thought she was a little too nice but I got why she always wanted to see the good in life. What she is willing to do for her ex is just special. 

I also really enjoyed Graham. He realized that in her grief he almost forgot about his daughter and is working very hard to fix that. I didn't care for how she acted at times, it reminded me of an immature person but I get that. She lost her mom when she was young and still isn't handling it well. I'm an adult and still haven't gotten over the passing of my mom. 

Together they work. They are simply good people. I loved all the other characters in the story and I wanted more. I'm thinking I know how the next book is about but since I can't find anything about it I'm not sure. 

I think my only issue with the book is that I would have liked to have more romance between Graham and Felicity. I felt they deserved more. As a whole, I love it and can't wait for more. It might have been a little bit of women's fiction but still a good story for those who love just romance. 

Any of you read her? 


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