Review: Counting on Cole by Cynthia Eden

Cole Vincent never expected to see Evangeline Lake again. Back in the dark and bloody day, he’d been hired by her brother to save her in a mission that went straight to hell. Evangeline had been kidnapped and held for ransom, but he’d been sent in with a covert team to get her out. Thrown together in the dark, a stunning attraction burned through them. But she wasn’t meant to be with an ex-soldier who had a past that was littered with secrets and death. She went back to her fancy world. He went back to hunting. Tried to forget her. Case closed.

There are some people you can never forget.

Evangeline “Evie” Lake fell hard and fast for her tall, dark, and dangerous rescuer. Then he flew her back to her home, kissed her goodbye on the doorstep, and walked his sexy self away with looking back. He broke her heart into a million little pieces, and she swore off the “bad boys”—they were just trouble she didn’t want. Case closed.

She needs help. The kind that only someone like Cole can give to her.

The past is coming back to attack. Evie’s kidnapper was never caught, and when she’s nearly abducted in New York, her brother calls in the one man that he knows he can count on…the one man who has proven he can protect Evie from the worst threats out there. The one-man that Evie absolutely, positively does not want to see again…

The only man she’s ever loved.

Cole takes the case. Becomes her bodyguard. Gets far too close to her and stirs memories that should have been dead and buried in a six-foot hole. The white-hot attraction burns ever brighter between them, but Evie will not fall for him again. Will not. Except…

She is. He is. They are…falling.

Cole wants Evie more than anything, and this time, he won’t walk away. This time, there is nothing that can keep them apart. He’ll fight like hell for the woman he’s always loved. He finally has a second chance with Evie. He won’t screw this up. And he will not let her go again…he will prove to Evie that she can always count on him to keep her safe.
If you follow me then you know how much I love books by Cynthia Eden. She writes the best stories with the greatest alpha hero's. They are the greatest! In her Wilde Ways series, all the hero's have been great but I do have my favorites. In the series, it's Ghost (James), Cole and Chase. 

Two down, one to go. We should get Chase's story something this summer. I really can't wait. His huh makes me laugh every time. 

Enough about Chase right now. We still have Cole's story to deal with. I truly loved him and Evie. Together they are what makes romance a wonderful thing to read. 

They got off to a rough start but you could see right away they really loved each other. For some couples, their falling in love might have seemed rushed, but for them, it just really worked. The sad thing is that they had so much that seemed to be in their way. These two really had to fight for each other. 

And that they did.

We learn so much about Cole and his past in this book. We've only known him for the snapshots we got from prior books. I really enjoyed learning more about him. He has so many layers and faucets. You at times want to hug him and tell him that he's a great guy. 

Now poor Evie I really feel for. She's had it pretty bad for the last few years. Sure the time between her meeting Cole didn't seem to bad other than her miss Cole but stuff from her past catches up to her and Cole is back to make sure nothing happens to her. 

I so enjoyed this story and once I started it couldn't stop reading it. I'm so happy that Cole found his HEA. This is a wonderful story that I know you will love. In fact, do yourself a favor and get the whole series. Have any of you read her?


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