Review: Call it Magic by Janet Chapman

Katy MacBain moved to Spellbound Falls with secrets she plans to keep. The newest member of the Fire and Rescue Team, she disappeared for three weeks before arriving on the job. She doesn't understand why Gunnar Wolfe the town's interim fire chief and her boss seems determined to uncover the truth of what happened to her during that time. Or why she's more attracted to him than she's ever been to any other man.

A confident firefighter, Gunnar Wolfe doesn't give up and he's resolved to find out what's wrong with the mysterious and beautiful Katy. Since she is the newest member of his team, he's naturally protective of her, but he's surprised to find himself captivated by the tenacious and talented woman who is so...magical. 
This one was a hard one to read and review. Not because of the book itself but for the fact that it's the last book by this author. Unfortunately, she passed and we are left in a world without the wonderful worlds she creates. 

Call it Magic is part of her Spellbound Falls series. I'm pretty sure it's the lasts one for this series. I don't think she had another one started that could be finished. 

It's a wonderful story with the characters that I love in her books. She had a great way of writing her characters that made them feel very real. They make the same mistakes as us only they more often than not do it with magic. 

Katy MacBain's parents are from (Wedding the Highlander) a great book. I really liked Katy, you can almost see a bit of her parents in her. Ties the others series into it nicely. I love the job that Katy has it fits her perfectly. I also love how she is with Gunner. 

Poor Gunner. He wants so badly to know Katy's secrets and tries everything he can to learn them. He's a great hero and the best match for Katy. You met Gunner in From Kiss to Queen. 

As a whole, I really enjoyed this story and I'm so glad that I read it. I will tell you that it would be best to check out the whole series if you haven't yet read any of her books, you might get a bit lost in this one. Tons of backstories. At times I will say that I could tell it wasn't totally written by her. I'm pretty sure only a fan will figure this out because we've been with her from the beginning and really know her writing. 

Goodbye Janet Chapman you will be missed.


  1. Great review you have here. And yes I thought some of it was written by someone else BUT it was done in her writing style so only those of us who have followed her over the years could actually recognize it. Its so sad that she is gone, it was really hard reading this knowing this is probably the last book.

    1. I know what you mean. She will be missed. I didn't mind that someone else finished it. I'd rather have someone else finish it then it never be done.


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