Review: Built for Love by Lori Foster

Contractor Jesse Baker knows all about knocking down walls—but chipping away at Tonya Bloom's defenses has been tougher than he expected. The gorgeous blonde has made it clear she doesn't have room in her life for romance…so what is it about her that makes Jesse determined to prove her wrong?

Realtor Tonya is an expert on houses, but building a home—and family—for her newly orphaned nephew, Kevin, is a challenge she never expected. And while Jesse might be a shoulder to lean on, he's also a distraction she can't afford. But with Jesse set on winning her heart, will she realize once and for all that the perfect love doesn't always happen at the perfect time?
I am trying to both get caught up on some of my favorite authors and making sure I review them too. I read Built for Love the early part of last year and I'm only now reviewing it. My bad. 

Like most of Foster's reads, this one is quick and easy to read. It's only about 90 pages. Sometimes a story can suffer from being a short story but Foster is a queen of short stories. Her's are always fleshed out and you always feel like it was more pages than it was. 

Built for Love is no different. I really enjoyed it and so much happened. You can't help liking the characters and feeling for them. Even though this is a romance you really do have more than two people in this romance. Besides Jesse and Tonya, we have Tonya's nephew Kevin in the mix. You really feel for Kevin. He wants badly to have a happy family and still love his mom who's parenting wasn't the best. I think he felt guilty for liking being happy. 

Tonya wanted to do the very best by her nephew and because of that she was willing to let her love life slide and didn't want to get involved. I understood her, she wanted what was best for her family.

Jesse is such a great guy. He got that Kevin was very unhappy and was there for him. He was always there for Tonya and she needed it. Sometimes you need someone to bounce your worries off of and Jesse was that for her. 

It took a bit but these two finally came together and I was happy for them. This tied up the short series perfectly. I really enjoyed it and found it a good read. I was glad that I finally read it and finished the series. Now I need to read some other series by her. 

Do you read Lori Foster?


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