Book Club Thursday: Remembering

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Today we are doing a post of remembering someone in the publishing world. So many great authors have left us that it's hard to just share one with you. So I had to really think about which author gave me the thrill to read and I enjoyed so much. For me, that would be Johanna Lindsey. We lost her last fall and since hearing the news I've thought about all the wonderful books we are missing out on.  She was one of my binge reads and the first author I got to meet. A friend of mine found out she was signing books and knew the author signing was a favorite of mine so off we went. I was so happy to meet her and thankful to my friend who found out about it. Is she an author that you've read? I'd love to hear about any of you who've met Johanna Lindsey. 

As you can see she's got some great covers! 

Come back on April 16st "Throwback Thursday"


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