Review: Can't Hurry Love by Melinda Curtis

Head-over-heels in love, Lola Williams gave up everything to marry Randy, including a promising career in New York City. Now, after one year of marriage and one year of widowhood, Lola finds herself stranded in Sunshine, Colorado, reeling from the revelation that Randy had secrets she never could have imagined. She swears she's done with love forever but the matchmaking ladies of the Sunshine Valley Widows Club have different plans...

Sheriff Drew Taylor also knows what it feels like to be unlucky in love. So when Lola comes to him for help uncovering Randy's hidden life, Drew finds himself saying yes against his better judgment - especially with the Widows Club eyeing them both. Soon enough, Lola is upending Drew's peaceful, predictable world...and he kind of likes it! But will this big-city girl ever give her heart to a small-town guy again?
I've really been enjoying this new series by Melinda Curtis. Until the Christmas Wish, I hadn't read her before but I do love a good Christmas story.  I was very glad that I did. It won't kill the series if you don't read it first but I would. It gives you a glimpse into how these matchmaking ladies work. 

In their sites now is Lola Williams. She lost her husband a couple of years ago and things aren't going well for her. Some of the town isn't openly friendly towards her for no apparent reason at all other than she's not from there. Not only is she missing her husband but she has found out Randy's secret and it's killing her.

Oh boy, poor Lola is a hot mess. 

You won't blame her when you read about all Randy did. Drew tries his best to keep Lola out of trouble but it's a full-time job. Drew is a wonderful guy but at times he's not as understanding as you'd hope. A real guy. 

He's got his own crap that he needs to deal with and a sweet little daughter that you can't help but loving. I felt for him with his daughter and he is a great guy who stood with her when her mom ran after giving birth to her. If you follow me you know I love me a single dad. Nothing sexier. 

Throughout the book, I felt for Lola. The way people treated her without really knowing her was wrong. She's a sweet, caring person do deserves more. I do love how she showed them. I wish I could tell you more but it would ruin the main plot of the story. I will tell you that I laughed a lot with this story and couldn't put it down. The romance is a little slow going but we kinda knew that from the title. Since I liked them both I didn't mind reading about their dance towards love.

I can't wait for the next book in the series which isn't out till the end of September witch sucks but it is a holiday story so you know I'm all in. So, have any of you read her before and if so what did you guys think?


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