Review: The Billionaire in Boots by Julia London

As the firstborn son, it's been drilled into Nick that he is the heir apparent to the Prince family empire. But cattle ranching has never been his true passion. Nick wants to be a pilot. However, when his father dies, leaving Nick to clean up the mess, he knows he must do his duty before following his heart.

Charlotte Bailey can't believe that Nick is back to run the ranch. As the office manager, she knows it's her responsibility to help him. If only he wasn't so brooding and cranky--and so hot it's a wonder his chaps don't melt right off him. But when sparks fly between them, she's adamant about staying away from a cowboy on his way out the door.

Nick knows the ranch's pretty, smart, and capable office manager is off-limits, but he needs her. And working in such close proximity to Charlotte every day is making Nick crazy. She smells good, she looks good, she makes him laugh, but most of all she makes him want to stay...
If you've read the books prior to this one then you might like me been waiting for Nick and Charlotte's story. We've gotten a glimpse of them in the prior books and you have to wonder how they'd be together. 

Well, your wait is over. I have to say that Charlotte cracked me up for most of this book. I just loved her. When they email each other you can't help but chuckle a little. So funny. It really started the story so nicely. 

This was not an easy relationship. First off they both wanted different things in life. Poor Nick felt like he had been locked into a business he didn't want to run. Not for a minute. I think that made him angry and also lonely. He had all the weight of the family on his shoulders. It's very sad to me. Since I really enjoyed the family I hated that he wasn't happy. 

I think because of his unhappiness he was at times a hard character to like. But if you looked down deep below the business stuff he is a wonderful man who cares about those around him. He just wants to do him. 

Now on to Charlotte. Poor Charlotte everyone is moving on and having families and she wants that so badly. Too bad she falls for the one man who doesn't. She deserves a life and someone who will love her wholely. 

Even when these two aren't together they are cute together. When Nick draws her into his life as a pilot and what he's doing is so cute. It shows just how perfect these two are together. 

As a whole, this is a good story that you will enjoy. The interaction between the half brother and Charlotte didn't make me like him though. He's not that nice. I'm so glad that I took the time to review The Billionaire in Boots. Do yourself a favor and read the books in order. You will enjoy all the characters better that way especially the mother and grandmother. Have you ever read her?


  1. I love the sound of this one and happy to hear that it was so funny for you the wit.

    1. I really enjoyed them. There is a lot of heart with them too!


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