Review: After Sundown by Linda Howard & Linda Jones

Sela Gordon, shy owner of a Tennessee general store, prefers solitude. If anyone can chip away at her protective shell it’s the handsome, mysterious, ex-military man who’s been hiding for two years in the wilds of Cove Mountain. But when he warns her that a catastrophic solar storm with the capability of taking down the power grids is approaching, Sela must come out of her shell and be the leader Wears Valley needs.

Living in self-imposed exile, Ben Jernigan has learned the hard way to look out only for number one. With a top-notch security system, he’s serious about keeping people at a distance. Yet he has to caution the undeniably sexy Sela about the impending threat—and now she’s making it too easy for him to lower his guard.

As panic spreads, Sela and Ben discover that in the dark, cut off from the outside world, there’s no more playing it safe—in life or in love.
I can't tell you how excited I was to be able to read a new book by Linda Howard. I love her older books and feel her books are well written with characters I like to read. I've also read books by Linda Jones so I also know her writing style. Both are enjoyable authors.

I came into reading After Sundown without knowing what it was about than getting a slight chuckle when I did because a TV show just did this. So do we have a new worry?

I will admit that it's not really my type of book. I was a little shocked that it was billed as a romance because I didn't think there was that much romance in it. Now don't get me wrong I don't need a  to much sex or in your face "I love you" to be a romance I just want to feel like they care about each other and I didn't get that from this.

One other thing I was shocked about is that it reminded me of another book by Howard that I really loved. The saving grace of the book is how well written it is. I could see the picture in my head of what was going on. It was interesting enough to keep you reading but in the end, were you satisfied? I'm not sure.

I think those who like this type of romance "world ending" will really enjoy it. Others that are looking for romantic suspense with heavy romance might not. Even with staying this when Howard comes out with a new book and if it's not in this theme I will definitely try it. I might even go back and read some of my favorites of hers. She has many.

So, do any of you read her?


  1. I've read Linda Howard before and liked her books but I haven't read this one.

    1. I just couldn't really enjoy this one. Love her older ones.


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