Book Club Thursday: Twice as Nice

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Twice as Nice

It's where we either read a book more than once or we started a book and put it down to only pick it up again and enjoy it, or not. 

A talented landscape painter and portrait artist in her early thirties, Paris Sweeney have achieved enviable success: her work sells at an exclusive New York City gallery owned by her friend, Candra Worth, and her popularity is at an all-time high. Sweeney, as she is affectionately called by those close to her, loves her work and is content with her life.

Then she begins to notice odd changes: traffic lights turn green when she approaches. Her plants are in full bloom out of season. Perhaps they're just coincidences, but she can't ignore her dreams -- lush, vivid, and drenched in vibrant hues -- which are influencing her artwork. And she can't deny her growing restlessness...Suddenly, impulsively, Sweeney finds herself unable to resist a night of intense passion with millionaire Richard Worth, Candra's estranged husband. But the true dangers of her all-consuming urges are about to be revealed where Sweeney least expects it: in her paintings.

After a creative frenzy, she can barely recall, Sweeney discovers she has rendered a disturbing image -- a graphic murder scene. Against her better instincts, she returns to the canvas time and again, filling out each chilling detail piece by piece -- a shoe, the body of a victim, and soon, the victim's face. But when a shattering, real-life murder mirrors her creation, Sweeney is thrust into suspicious light. Now, with every stroke of her brush, she risks incriminating herself with her inexplicable knowledge of a deadly crime. And every desire -- including her hungry attraction to Richard -- is loaded with uncertainty and terrifying discovery as Sweeney races to unmask a killer.

I can still remember this one. I bought it and a book by Stella Cameron. They had both just gone into hardcover and I couldn't believe I was spending so much on just two books. They were both favorites of mine and I had to have them so I ran myself up to the mall and picked them up. 

I read Cameron first and loved it. When I read Howard I couldn't believe I wasted my money. I put it away and then about a year later or more, I'm not 100% on the timeline I picked it up and read it again. I couldn't believe it was the same book I read the first time. I missed so much in the book and ended loving it the second time. It was like I read a totally different book. Not sure how that happened but it did. 

Have any of you read her before? Has this happened to you too? 

Come back on February 20th "Throwback Thursday"


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