Review: A Hero Comes Home by Sandra Hill

After being held prisoner for three years in an Afghan prison, Jake Dawson is finally going home--except everyone, including his wife and young sons, believed he was dead. Jake has changed since he left for war, and now he isn’t sure where he belongs.

Sally has changed, too. Her marriage to Jacob was on shaky ground even before his last deployment, but he’s still every inch the hot, headstrong man she loves, despite his wounds, both visible and invisible. Seeing him with their three boys makes her want to fight for this unexpected second chance.

As summer winds down, all of the wacky folks in Bell Cove, which is awash with yellow ribbons and American flags, are aiming for a Labor Day Love Re-Connection. In fact, they’re pulling out all the stops, in their usual outrageous style, to get Jake and Sally together again…
When I started reading this the words second chance romance came to mind. I had to stop and think about that because, to be honest, it is but it's also not. Let me explain why I think it is. When you read the story you'll learn that these two had some marriage issues. So I think now that he's back from the dead it's a new start for them. 

The thing about a second chance romance is that you already have those feelings there but now you're an adult and you can see things clearer and without the emotions that road you hard at the time. 

These two might have been adults when he went missing but they also spent most of their marriage with him gone. They truly had to see each other with fresh eyes. 

I always like reading books by Sandra Hill. Her stories are always full of humor, some sexy times and maybe just a little bit of sadness thrown in. In other words, life! This story ran the gambit for me. I was up and down with my feels. For some, that sounds tense but I like that in my books. I want to feel honest emotions with I read a story. 

I might read fiction but I want my authors to give me a real-life feel. 

I got that with A Hero Comes Home. My heart broke for both Sally and Jake. For him for what he went through. Every time I read something I would just... It was heartbreaking. And I was both sad and happy for Sally. Yes, she did go through the physical pain that Jake went through but she did go through her own crap. This is a woman who had to make herself over when she learned her husband was dead. 

Not an easy thing. For most of their marriage, everything fell on her shoulders. She main took care of their children, the house and all the daily things that come up. Yes, he was doing some noble by fighting for our country and in this case, he was truly a hero but what about Sally? Isn't she a hero for all she's done for their family? 

I think so! 

I did love how these two worked out their issues, even when Jake had some personal work on his own. Everyone needs to deal with their junk. I also enjoyed them as a family. Their kids are so cute and sweet. All the questions they asked cracked me up. 

This is a wonderful story that will make you fall in love with Hill's books. It's so well-written and keeps you tied to the book. I was so glad I was able to read it. It's the third book in the series so I'd hurry up and run out and get the ones before it so you can read them all if you haven't yet read this series. So worth it. 

Have you read Sandra Hill before? If so which of her books did you enjoy? 


  1. I actually have only seen this trope in historical romance, so I am really intrigued with the contemporary setting!!! I just love the spouse back from the dead type of scenario.


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