Review: Ghost of a Chance by Cynthia Eden

How well do you know the lover in your bed?

It was the hottest hookup of her life. When Tess Barrett spent the night in the arms of the too sexy to be real stranger, she knew she was walking on the wild side. Sex with James Smith was the best EVER. How was she supposed to walk away from that? From him? So…she didn’t. They planned secret dates. More body-melting hookups. The white-hot sex should have been enough.

So why does she start wanting more?

But they have rules. She has rules. No emotions. No ties. She has a past that is dark and twisted, and she’s worked hard to become a new person. She’s a doctor now. Respected. Controlled. Except…there is no control when she’s around James.

A bad guy…might be falling for the good girl.

James can’t keep his hands off his sexy little doctor. She’s buttoned-down for everyone else but goes absolutely wild for him. Sure, she doesn’t know his history. Doesn’t know that the man she lets touch every inch of her body used to spend his days working for Uncle Sam and doing some seriously dirty deeds. What she doesn’t know can’t hurt her, right? And if she ever did learn the truth about him, he knew it would terrify his sweet doc right to her core. Terror would make her run. He doesn’t want her running. He just wants her in his bed.

But then…something happens. Danger sneaks up on Tess. She needs help—very particular expertise and protective skill set. She needs someone lethal and strong…and James is just the man for the job. After all, lethal is his middle name.

Hello, dangerous times.

When James steps in, Tess doesn’t know if she should be grateful or scared to death. Because of her gorgeous lover? Turns out he has plenty of mad and dangerous skills. She’s been hooking up with a superhero or…maybe a supervillain. It’s sort of hard to tell the difference.

For the moment, she’s going to go with feeling grateful…but as she learns all of his secrets, Tess wonders what will happen next between them. Will they crash and burn? Burn, baby, burn. Or maybe, just maybe, they’ll actually have a GHOST OF A CHANCE at getting a happily ever after ending.
There is just something about Cynthia Eden's writing that keeps me coming back. I just love her books and don't think that from all the ones I've read that I have one I didn't like. 

She writes about wonderful alpha men who will do anything they can to protect the people they care about. It doesn't hurt that they are HOT too! And did I mention smart? It's a real turn on for me. Love a smart man. 

Now Ghost hasn't been in the series for long but he's made a huge impact on the amount he's been in. There is just something about him. He's very mysteries and seems untouchable. You just want to know more about him. 

I will admit I was so excited about this book but then when I got it I was like...should I read it now? What can I say, I was a little worried that he wouldn't hold up to the hype. A very important worry. Okay, we have a ton more in real life to worry about but sometimes you just want to worry about something small and stupid. 

This was one of those times for me. 

I'm happy to say that he not only held up to all the hype about him, but he also surpassed it. James rocks! What can I say? He just has something special about him. I was not disappointed at all. In fact, his story made me like him even more. 

 I also liked Tess. She's a sweet person who has been through so much and doesn't want her past crap to touch anyone else. She's perfect for James. Neither and perfect and they understand each other. 

I really enjoyed this story and the mystery of who was going after who. It played out well and kept you wondering till the end. Every time you thought you got it...nope. Like I said, a good story. 

What thrilled me the most was the interaction between Ghost and the Wilde agents. It cracked me up. They all acted like a bunch of teenage boys. The oneliners keep you laughing and just how rude they are to each other reminds you a little bit like family. It's kind of funny, they didn't want anything to really do with James and picked on him (he picked back) but when he needed them...they are there for him. Like I! 

I'm so glad I got a chance to read Ghost of a Chance. It is pretty great! The whole series has been great. You really should try it if you haven't yet already. Can't wait for more to come! 

Have you read Cynthia Eden before? If so what's your favorite book of hers?


  1. I was thinking about getting this one but I haven't read the series so I wasn't sure. Thanks for the great review.

    1. I can say you don't really have to read them in order but I like too.

  2. Having a good mystery is ESSENTIAL in a story in many ways. They just grab me in a way that other plot aspects dont. Sounds fabulous.

    1. I know what you mean. You really need to get into it. It was very well written.


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