Book Club Thursday: Golden Oldies

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Golden Oldie

Injured and retired from his baseball career at the age of 28, Jack spends his time these days endorsing products and drifting around the mansion he's never gotten around to furnishing. When his Aunt Sadie hires a decorator, Jack is all for it, especially when the pretty decorator shows up shortly after his hippie cousin leaves her infant daughter, Magenta Moon, on his doorstep and departs for Katmandu.

Interior designer Keely McBride is desperate for a job and figures the commission from decorating Jack's swank suburban digs will provide the funds she needs to open her own business back in Manhattan. She'll do anything to remain employed, including caring for Jack's niece.

Complications set in when Magenta Moon's mobster wannabe uncle decides he wants custody and Keely and Jack pretend to be engaged to throw off a social worker.

Lively banter and imaginative characters -- such as Petra, the precocious baby sitter; Sweetness, the boxer paid to throw fights; and wacky Aunt Sadie, who decorates her home with plastic oddities -- come together to make this witty, whirlwind narrative a delight.
I can't tell you how much I used to love reading Kasey Michaels' contemporary romances. They were always so much fun to read. She always writes about fun, crazy characters that you really want to get to know.  

Love to Love you Baby is the first of her The Brother's Trehan series and it was fun. One of the things I really love about her books is the way she adds the quick in her books. They are always well written and have enjoyable plots but they are also a bit out there. 

The author packs enough in her books that you want more. 

I'm so glad I shared Love to Love you Baby with you. The author gives you a wonderful story, fun characters, and a happy ending. I'm going to have to pull out all her books so I can reread them this summer. 

Have you read her before? 

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  1. That sounds like a fun book. To just leave your baby with relatives and go off to do whatever, wow.


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